The Mark of Cain. The obvious thing no one noticed….

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The other night I was reading/watching things online.  Somehow, I ended up on an article about the various possibilities for the mark of Cain.  This is what I remember.

Cain kills Abel and God is sending him away.  But Cain is worried that everyone will know what he did and try to kill him.  So God promises to put a mark on him that will show everyone that he is protected by God.

Some of the various things that have been suggested for the Mark have been Black skin, Red hair, and Left-handedness.

Everyone seems to  be ignoring the elephant in the room.  If Cain killed Abel and they were the only children of Adam and Eve at this point, who does Cain think might kill him?  He is being sent away, so it can’t have been Adam or Eve.

Since a lot of Christians are never taught about Lilith, or her monster children, it probably isn’t any of them.

There are some writers out there advocating that genetics were still ‘pure’ back then and Cain marries an unnamed sister and, in fact, Adam and Eve had a lot more children of both genders and the world is populated by one inbred family.

Since he was worrying about being murdered before he even found a wife, I won’t really worry about that one too much.  I just had to mention that one theory because it was way out there in terms of strangeness.

Back in the day, when I was going to church, teaching Sunday school, reading the Bible through about 4 times a year, and doing a lot of study and research on the things I really thought were odd, this story was one of the oddest to me.  When there are only four people on the planet, if you believe a literal interpretation, then who did Cain think would murder him?

Either mystery people who came from someplace else or a whole tribe of brothers and sisters that are never mentioned.  The only other named son being the one born to replace Abel.

And, why in the world is God protecting a Murderer anyway?  Did no one ever think to ask this?  It seems a very bizarre course of action.  Another one of those questions where all attempts to answer it are so bizarre that you wonder why that question alone does not drive people away from Churches.

Horns, you know, that book.

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I decided to read Horns because I had been hearing that the book was pretty good.  It would have been if I thought it was actually aimed at the YA audience instead of adults.  I am a bit let down by it.

All the characters are in their 20’s and acting like they are 10 years younger, about early High School years.   This is why I thought maybe it was supposed to be a YA book.  But it turns out it wasn’t.

I also thought it was supposed to be set in England but it isn’t.  It is in the U.S.   I didn’t come to that conclusion because Daniel Radcliffe was playing the lead character, Ig.  I came to that conclusion early in the book when Ig is thinking he needs to get some medical help with his horns.  And, more importantly, by the way the characters sound in my head.  They only make sense to me if I imagine that they are all middle to late 20 somethings who were not able to go to University and who were all on the dole because of too many people and not enough jobs to go around.  Everything makes more sense that way.

The first section of the book, Hell, has been the most enjoyable.  I really liked reading how people started telling the truth about everything to Ig and didn’t seem to be completely aware of it.  They saw the horns, know it was somehow off, and then it slipped on by and they forgot.  So far, it is the best part of the book.

Part two is Cherry, named for Cherry bombs, virginity, and I think there was a third

Official movie poster.

Official movie poster.

reason but I forget now, just like people forgetting those horns.  It tells the entire back story about the time when Ig met the love of his life, nearly drown, became friends with the guy who really kills the girl, (that is not a spoiler as the book reveals that before the start of this section), and sets up the relationships between all the characters.

I don’t remember the name of the third section.  It bounces back to the present and explores how Ig handles finding out who killed his girl, how Ig is dealing with the knowledge that his girl wanted to break up with him the night she died, and starts to explore the really bad things Ig did the night before he woke up with horns.  He also explores more of the boundaries on what he can or can not do with the new abilities the horns seem to give him.

And that is where I am at with the book.  It has been relegated to the bathroom to read when I’m stuck on the toilet.  The concept is a good one but the execution is not. Oh, the writing isn’t bad, other than the fact that I think the writer was going for an adult audience and yet the characters feel and sound like teenagers and the overall feeling of the book is Young Adult in nature, despite the language sometimes used in book.

You know you are getting old when…..

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. . . you use a cultural reference and the person with whom you are talking doesn’t understand it.

Vinyl records

Vinyl records

I told someone a bit younger than me, “Catch you on the flip side.”  He didn’t know what I was talking about.  I wouldn’t necessarily assume he would have known the cartoon by that title.  It was pretty short-lived.  But I didn’t realize he was too young to be familiar with cassette tapes.  The term referred to the track on the reverse side of a record but it still worked for the Walkman/tape cassette era.

I guess far to many young adults, out of high school no less, only have practical memories of CD’s.  They know what a cassette tape is but because they don’t remember having or using them, the references go over their heads.

It just makes me feel old.

Caller’s Recommendation: Lemon and Honey only

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With what I’m sure is Bronchitis, I keep coughing in the callers’ ears.  I can’t seem to go a single call without coughing.  It is embarasing.  I don’t like it but what can I do.  One caller advised I should mix some lemon and honey and NOTHING else.  Drink it and it would help my throat feel better.

To start with, I’ve had lots of advice on the best hot toddies.  To me, the reality is that they all taste foul.  I have started to make a hot toddy in a base of mint tea because it tastes better that way and I can get more of it down.  So when he told me Honey and Lemon I was expecting another hot toddy recommendation.

Instead, he said only those two ingredients.  I decided to try it.  My cough was coming from my lungs but it was making my throat hurt and if it helped at all I would be happy.  I had both honey and, thanks to making some pork in the crock pot, I had lemon now.  The honey was crystalizing due to sitting in the cupboard in the cooling weather and I did have to zap it in the microwave for 30 seconds.  Then I poured a liberal amount in the bottom of a mug.  Then I zapped it again.  I added the lemon cold and stirred it in. About a half and half ratio.  It cooled the honey enough so it was drinkable.

It really felt better.  Much better.  It tasted strange.  Not good but not unpleasant.  So I drank it.  It wasn’t a full mug or even half a mug.  More like a couple table spoons.  The last of it was harder to swallow because it was a bit cloying and sharp at the same time.  That was when I mixed in some warm water and drank the rest of it.

I would have to say I would recommend Honey and Lemon mixed for a sore throat.

A portion of my childhood is ripped to shreds.

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1969 Image from wikipedia

1969 Image from wikipedia

I grew up watching Fat Albert cartoons on Saturday mornings.  Later on I watched various t.v. shows with Bill Cosby in them.  He was an interesting comedian on various specials.  And of course, The Cosby show was considered one of the best family sitcoms for many years.  Of course, people hear the rumors that it was not such a happy place behind the scenes.  And everyone remembers his jello commercials.  There is no time in my life that I can’t remember Cosby being on T.V.  At least, not until after the start of this century.  He started to slow down after that.

But it feels like maybe it was all a lie, a facade, a display to hide a more sinister back drop.  13 women come forward with rape accusations.  And he says NOTHING.  Everyone battens down the hatches as if not addressing it will make it all go away.  But that is a lot of people.  And many or most of them have ties to the entertainment world.  It isn’t like these are somewhat skanky women claiming they hooked up with him at some bar or party and then he wouldn’t take no for an answer.  These are people who claimed he was taking them under his wing to help them get their career’s started whom he then took advantage of.

It feels like a blow to the gut.  LIke our memories of a simpler time have been violated as well.

What is more telling is that so many appearances were canceled.  No attempt to attack it head on.  He is in full retreat.  Why is he not doing anything?  Is it because there have been so many such allegations in the past that just blew over and went away?  Well, isn’t that strange to look at in retrospect.  Maybe they were not as unfounded as people thought.

Then that one actress/comedian, something Dickinson, says that he raped her and that she was pressured to take it out of her book or alter it before publication.  This is the only one they had anything to say in response.  This is the only one that he is flat-out denying.  Why is he standing up to say that allegation is a lie while remaining silent about the rest?  It makes it seem like while this one could be false while the rest could be true.  The lack of defense because there is no position to defend?

Now an NBC show for him has been scrapped, as well as a Netflix comedy special or show, and another station is going to stop airing The Cosby Show.  It seems like so much is going on behind the scenes.  For as established and well respected and well loved actor and comedian, benefit of the doubt had been dropped.  It makes me wonder what is doing behind closed doors and what people are saying.  Do people know things that make it seem like the allegations are true?

The entire thing is leading me to believe he really was abusing his fame and Hollywood ‘pull’ to get young women into a position where he could take advantage of them.  And it makes me feel as if my childhood had been betrayed.  It is like finding out Santa Claus is really a pedophile.

I have to make a correction.  I thought Janice Dickinson was an actress/comedian.  She was a model, back in the day.

Oh, is it just your sinuses?

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I swear if I hear that one more time I may explode. I’ve discovered Midwesterners do not think you are sick if your sinuses are bothering you. You could have a sinus infection but that’s just your sinus, you are not really sick. You could have a raging head cold but if it is expressed in your sinuses than you are not sick. You now have bronchitis because you have been sick for 2 or 3 weeks but it was just your sinuses so you were not really sick.
I’m originally from the Pacific Northwest and I never was such a thing. There, it is all about the fever. You feel like you swallowed a cheese grater and have white puss pockets at the back of your throat? You don’t have a fever so you are not sick. You have the chicken pox; you don’t have a fever so you are not really sick. You have ever symptom of the flu but you don’t have a fever, then you are not sick and off to school you go.
So let us say that you have been totally stuffed up for two weeks. You can’t breathe; you spend half your day sneezing your head off. Every time you take something to clear your sinuses you end up sneezing and blowing your nose until you are as stuffed up as before and you have to start all over again. Your head feels like it wants to explode from the sinus pressure and you are using a neti pot several times a day to prevent a sinus infection from developing. You are so exhausted that you go to bed at 8:00 nearly every night for two weeks, 9:30 at the latest. You normally go to bed between 10:00 and 11:00. Then one night you lie down and start to wheeze and whistle every time you exhale and your chest starts to hurt. You can’t sleep because of the difficulty breathing and the scary noises your chest makes when you breathe. You start coughing up mucus, lots of mucus. You had bronchitis once in college and you are pretty sure you have it again.

You stay home and go to work the following day and you are treated like a leper. After all, it is just your sinuses, you aren’t really sick.
This has been my life the past couple of weeks.

Nebraska it trying to kill me.

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It has taken a long time, but I think the magic number is 29.40.  When the barometer falls below that, I get a migraine, when it is rising I feel better.  The temperatures dropped but the barometer rose.  We were finally having cooler, fall weather, then we had a cooler and more miserable weekend.  Now it is snowing.  I supposed it is getting to be that time of year.  But this is silly.  The weather felt wrong nearly all year-long.  Maybe it is just me.  But I’ve tried to make an attempt to track the headaches and the barometer and it finally seems like a pattern.  And that is 29.40 ish.


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