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Years ago, I started work on a novel idea that I had half of it outlined and got a bit stuck on where to go next. So while I worked that out I started on actually writing the beginning. Now I can’t find it anywhere.

I suspect it is on the computer that I can’t access. When turning it on it wants to reformat. Something went very wrong when trying to trouble shoot a problem. I still tote the computer around hoping to one day be able to afford taking it to someone who can slave the drive to some other computer to


Beautiful fabric needs no reason, it is just is.

try to find that and a few other things I must have and transfer it to an external storage drive.

In the mean time, I decided to start over on it and try to recreate it. Unfortunately, other story ideas and other things and life and unpleasant things happened where I totally stopped almost all things other than two hobbies.

I have been trying to pull myself and my life back together again for over a year to varying degrees of success and failure.

Back to starting over, I remember most of the characters personalities but not all their names. I’m better with faces than names in my life and I can easily imagine the characters faces in my head but can’t pull up names at all. Other than one character.

I still am stuck with where I want the story to go after I hit a certain point. But first I better recreate my outline to that point and my character list. After a 2 – 3 year upsurge at work, things seemed to peak and are going down again. So for the first time in a good 3 years, we are starting to have slow days again. Slow times at work allow writing ideas to stew in the back of my brain. At home I get very distracted by life and worry and things in general.

I am frustrated by having to reinvent the wheel because I think my old version was better than what I’m trying to put together now. That is how I remember it anyway.

North Carolina’s Anti-Antidiscrimination Law

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This is a very well constructed argument about why the ‘bathroom bill’ is wrong.

A Philosopher's Blog

Apparently eager to do some serious damage to North Carolina’s reputation and economy, the state’s Republican controlled legislature passed “the bathroom bill” and the Republican governor signed it immediately. This law seems to have been in response to Charlotte, North Carolina passing a city ordinance extending legal protection for LGBT people and allowing transgender folks to use bathrooms based on their gender identity.

The “bathroom bill” makes it so that local governments cannot pass their own antidiscrimination laws—the state law, which is more restrictive than the Charlotte ordinance, trumps all local laws. The reason it is called the “bathroom bill” is that it has the effect of forbidding transgender people from using the bathroom that matches their gender identity. Instead, they must use the bathroom that matches the sex on their birth certificate. Interestingly enough, the law also precludes any local government from passing its own…

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The Space for Invention….

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… has just been invented . . . Spaces.

space-wallpaper-29This was an advert I saw on the side of a bus today.  It really torqued me off.  As if all space for invention was substandard before this building went up.

A space for invention has existed for a long time.  Laboratories.  Labs.  But people don’t need fancy places for the inventive process.

People have been inventing things in basements, garages, and attics.

People have been inventing in shops, sheds, and barns.

People have even been inventing in bedrooms and at kitchen tables.

The true space for in invention isn’t a place.  It is in the human mind.


Cat Dentalectomy – Things you never knew about your cat….

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This topic came up in my life again so I’m reblogging it.  To update, the cat in question quickly got back to his crunchy food and regained all his weight and is a happy fat cat once again.

Urbannight's Blog

It is a clipart cat skull.  Who knew you could find one in clipart.  See the big gaps at the front and rear of the jaw?  That is actually where cats chew food. It is a clipart cat skull. Who knew you could find one in clipart. See the big gaps at the front and rear of the jaw? That is actually where cats chew food.

I learned something new last night.  Or maybe two somethings.  There is an autoimmune disease for cats only now being understood.  There is no method of treatment as yet other than a total Dentalectomy.  With this disease, a cat’s body starts to reject his teeth and sometimes gums.  This leads to extreme pain when eating.  But it can start slowly and my friends, whose cat has this, thought he had a bad tooth.  So they took him to an animal dentist.  Yes, such a thing exists. (Okay, three things.) 

For a feral cat, this is probably fatal.  But for you indoor cat, this is actually not a problem.  It turns out that cats only use their teeth to kill and pull…

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Personal rant on the word or concept of ‘Primitive’.

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The stages of the Picasso bull gif.

Today on Facebook there was a GIF of a bull image that would flash through several stages to arrive at a line drawing.  The point was to emphasize simplicity.  I noticed how it looked like it could be a cave painting.  This lead to a chain of thought on the concept of primitive.

I don’t know how to incorporate a gif so I eventual gave up.  I shared it with a hobby group called Fiber Artists and Yarn Spinners.

Here is my reasoning for sharing this here. It is about art and how we think of it and I know that while a lot of this group focuses on spinning and dyeing, there are a lot of people doing other things with fiber and art as well and this may be meaningful to all up us.

It (the gif I can’t figure out how to share) takes us  through all those stages to deconstruct a realistic image and end up with something like a cave painting image with which ancient peoples started out. Just goes to show how ‘primitive’ can actually be sophisticated and how we really need to redefine what primitive means and how we use the term.

Think about it, who got tired of hunting animals or using livestock for clothing and decided to try to make clothes out of plant fibers or wool? Who put in the time and effort and experimentation to figure out what all needed to be done to wool to turn it into a thread or yarn. Who figured out weaving and the best type of structures to do it on? Who figured out how to take to sticks and create rows of interlocks to create a warm garment.

I think primitive is one of my most hated words. It doesn’t mean simple-minded, child-like, unsophisticated, or crude. Which is usually how it is used. It simply means early state of cultural development for an area or group of people.  There is ‘primitive’ (how we usually use the word), about primitive art.  And primitive thought appears to be rather abstract and complex.

Howling Winds, Revised

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Thursday was so beautiful that we had windows opened up and I went to bed with my bedroom window left open. It became very windy during the night. In fact, the wind howled and whistled and sounded much like the blizzard we had a few weeks ago. The one I tried to drive to work in. I did not make it.

It was blowing very badly right into the windshield. Huge fat flakes that made visibility difficult. This area has a phenomenon called Thunder Snow. It is a snow storm with thunder and lightning. It is very pretty. The lightning reflects in the clouds and against the falling snow turning everything blue.

When it faded away, visibility was even worse. The power in the area went out.  Now I couldn’t even see the road more than a few feet in front of me.  I could see tire tracks so I just followed them and they got off on the next exit.  I went home.

(Now the day Thursday was beautiful but the night was terribly window.) I have not idea what that sentence was supposed to say.

Like I said, Thursday was lovely but the night was another story.  The wind was howling and whistling just like that blizzard.  The whistling kept waking me up.  Every time I closed my eyes and feel asleep I would see the snow blowing straight at my face.  It seemed so real that I had to get up and look outside.  It was very shocking NOT to see snow even though I knew it was supposed to be far to warm to snow.

We did have another beautiful day Friday, but I felt like it wasn’t right.  I felt sure that it had been snowing that it was really supposed to be cold.  It was such a strong and overpowering sensation that I simply could not adjust to the facts of reality once I was up and about.  It left me feeling off kilter and discombobulated all day long.

Potatoes, Come Forth by H. Jonas Rhynedahl

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Book Cover PotatoesThis was actually intended to keep track of my notes on this book as I was reading it.  But I think I will share it anyway.

I was hesitant to purchase this book but it did sound like it could be amusing. So I got it. Thus far my feelings for this book is ‘meh’. A noble woman who is summoned from her bathtub and transported, totally naked, half way across a continent shouldn’t be that calm and collected. Even in a world where everyone has a few, various, completely random, magical spells. She also comes off a bit to pragmatic when she puts on the filthy, shirt from someone who had been lugging a wheelbarrow of 200 lbs of potatoes around all day, having spent a portion of that day in a railroad engine car helping the engineer out. I just don’t find anything about this character, Sarah, believable.

I’m now halfway into the book and it is absurd.  The problem is, it doesn’t feel like it is absurd on purpose.  But it doesn’t feel like it was on purpose.  Yes, it feels like the author is trying to be funny and amusing but not that he was deliberately trying to write Fantasy Humor.  It ends up seeming absurd in a bad way rather than absurd in an amusing way.

I finished the book on Saturday.  The ending pulled the questionable quality of the book out of the water.  It ended better than expected.  Other than the fact the author didn’t do a very good job of showing the main character’s becoming emotionally entangled so that they end up getting married at the end.  It was rather abrupt and sudden.  Sarah seemed to have very platonic feelings until she crawls into bed with him.  He was clearly attracted to her and had twinges of jealousy but then suddenly he is in love with her.  It was abrupt and awkward.

Other than some of the characteristics mentioned above, I did find myself wanting to know what would happen next.  At the start it had that feeling of a first book, but by the end I no longer had that feeling.  The book didn’t have the editing errors I normally see when a person’s first book is only published in an electronic format.  The writing was actually pretty strong and in the end, I think the only real complaint is the author having trouble showing a growing relationship and it didn’t pull off deliberate Fantasy Humor very well.

It did end well enough that I ordered the next book the very next morning.



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