Curtains; Drawn Back: By Seth Dombach

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Reblog since it is lovely and more people need to read it.

Kloipy Speaks

In the ever present dying light

Of another evening come to pass

Under the last glow of the setting sun

We find ourselves in the wondrous vision

Of the grand scheme of it all

Watching as the clouds change

From white to pink to yellow to blue

And the hush falls

The sky opens up to the darkness

And one by one distant stars and planets appear

Reminding us yet again of the vast infinite

That we swirl around

The troubles of the day are dashed upon

Distant light that has travelled at times

As ancient as us

When the curtain has been drawn back

We are exposed to the majesty

Tiny vessels born up from vast womb of the universe

Placed upon this spot to bear witness

To ourselves in all our forms

And the eloquent poetry of life

Unfolds for us like a flower greeting the sun


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Fannish Individual

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I didn’t write this.  It was from a spoof done at a con many years ago.  I feel the need to share it every few years.

To the Tune of Model Major General, just in case you don’t figure it out.

I am the very model of a fannish individual.
I’ve knowledge literary, cinematic and political.
I know the names of all who’ve won the Hugo and the Nebula,
And I’ve attended every con they’ve held in Philadelphia.

I love Arthur C. Clarke, Terry Prachett, C.J. Cherryh, Frederik Pohl,
J.R.R. Tolkien, Andre Norton, Barbara Hambley, read ’em all.
Marion Zimmer Bradley, Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov,
Of reading science fiction I can never ever get enough.

(Of reading science fiction he can never ever get enough.
Of reading science fiction he can never ever get enough.
Of reading science fiction he can never ever ever get enough.)

I ‘ve read Niven, Foster, Silverberg, Zelazny, Card and Donaldson.
McCaffrey, Herbert, Chalker, Eddings, Dickson and Poul Anderson.
In matters literary, cinematic and political,
I am the very model of a fannish individual.

(In matters literary, cinematic and political,
He is the very model of a fannish individual.)

I ‘ve seen every science fiction story captured by a camera.
Metropolis, 2001, Forbidden Planet, Gamera.
Close Encounters, Things to Come and Bambi Meets Godzi-illa,
Alien III, Superman, The Fly and Barbare-ella.

I’ve taped every single episode of Twilight Zone and Dr. Who.
My anime collection is the envy of all fandom too.
I’m fluent in Minbari, Bocci, Klingon, Betazoid and Narn.
And I know every detail of the Federation Uniform.

(And he knows every detail of the Federation Uniform.
And he knows every detail of the Federation Uniform.
And he knows every detail of the Star Trek Federation Uniform.)

I ‘ve seen Will Robinson grow up and now I watch him as Lenier.
I’ve travelled thoughout time and space to galaxies both far and near.
In matters literary, cinematic and political,
I am the very model of a fannish individual.

(In matters literary, cinematic and political,
He is the very model of a fannish individual.)

I vote on every Worldcon site that’s ever been or’s yet to be.
I’ve gone to business meetings and had Robert Sacks defer to me.
I know the details of the Worldcon site selection voting zones.
And when I work on any con, I get a beeper and a phone.

I’ve been to Torcon, Chicon, Discon, Aussiecons both I and II.
Constellation, Confiction, Pacificon and Big MAC too.
Conspiracy, Denvention and the secret one in ’42.
I don’t know much ’bout how cons run, but I’m sure I know more than you.

(He doesn’t know just how cons run, but he’s sure he knows more than you.
He doesn’t know just how cons run, but he’s sure he knows more than you.
He doesn’t know just how cons run, but he’s sure he knows so much more than you.)

I’ve worked at every job from lowly gopher to division head.
And I’d have chaired a Worldcon too, but other big name fen all said,
“Your knowledge is impressive, but your business skills are pitiful,
You are the very model of a fannish individual.”

(His knowledge is impressive, but his business skills are pitiful,
He is the very model of a fannish individual.)


Independence Day 2. A Literary Sequel.

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I have heard negative things about the second movie.  I wondered why.  I know people are all bothered about Brent Spinner’s character.  I guess I was in the minority about never thinking him dead. I remember that final shot of him in the first film.  I NEVER thought he was dead.  I always thought he was still alive.  So that was not an issue for me.

I’m not sure the specifics about what people are not liking about the sequel.  Mostly, I’m hearing general comments.

I will tell you that I am a complete bookworm and this film views like a Book 2.  This is the logical progression.  After all, they only knocked out one ship.  The race knew that there was a planet with resources they wanted.  So it is logical that now that the secret is out, the best scientists in the world could access the alien tech and a whole new technological era is born.

It makes sense that the countries around the world, know that the aliens are still out there, would work together to try to create weapons and a plan for what to do if they come back.  This way they have a better chance for fighting back with weapons that use the alien’s own tech against them.

That makes it more logical that they have it occurring with the next generation.  The children are now in their mid to late twenties and they have had twenty years to implement new tech, build a moon base, and get prepared.  Two generations might have been better but for audience appeal, having the children from the first film be adults help the views still feel connected.  Books might have had a greater generational difference.

Twenty years ago, the other primary country might have have Japan and 30 years ago it might have been USSR.  But now, making it China makes the most sense based on the current economic standing.  At least that is how it seems to be as a total layman in things economic.

The inclusion of another alien race that is against the ‘hive’ aliens the part of this movie that is, perhaps, the corniest thing in this movie would be the most logical think in a book sequel.  The fact that this alien is the last of its kind and is running a refugee camp for other races it has managed to evacuate and save from the Hive aliens makes the rest of what follows seem natural.

As it does the set up for a third film if they ever do it.  You see, it sets the state for what would be the perfect situation for a final book in a trilogy.  But when it comes to movie making and science fiction movies in particular, what they are implicating comes next would probably jump the shark.  Even thought it is the most logical progression of this type of story-line, the most logical end to this story is not what a good movie is made of.

Oh, it would work, if the entire franchise was set in space, as in the future and space faring.   But a series that spans the transition period of thinking we are alone in the universe to intergalactic battle in one generation it seems far fetched.  I do not know if they can do this well on screen.  Still, I would like to see it.


Bad Math

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At work we have these plastic sleeves on the inside of every bathroom stall door.  HR puts a one page informational sheet in every two weeks.  One of the last ones was all about working out.  How many people like to listen to music, what percentages listen to what music.  What people like to do when they work out.  Most of the info graphic was fine.  But one section rubbed me the wrong way.

It broke down workout to what kinds of things people like to do.  There were five things.

50% preferred walking.

54% preferred lifting weights.

34% preferred yoga.

50% preferred running.

36% preferred biking.

See my problem with this list?  I like my percentages to add up to 100%. This adds up to 224%.  When percentages add up to bizarre numbers then they become meaningless.  I always call this bad math.  But really may be bad statistic taking.

This week the signage changed and the info graphics are about the summer sun.  It says that the only animal that gets a sunburn, aside from humans, are pigs.  This is not true.  Hairless dogs and cats have the same problem.  So do dogs and cats with white or light fur.  They can get sunburned.  So it is best to keep an eye on them and limit their sun time too.

This is not the first time they have had incorrect information.  It does no good to sent the people who do up these bathroom fliers the correct information and citation.  The people who produce the flyer don’t seem to care if the info is incorrect.

I have to say that this does annoy me.   When these signs have interesting information, I never know if it is accurate

Missing stories

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Years ago, I started work on a novel idea that I had half of it outlined and got a bit stuck on where to go next. So while I worked that out I started on actually writing the beginning. Now I can’t find it anywhere.

I suspect it is on the computer that I can’t access. When turning it on it wants to reformat. Something went very wrong when trying to trouble shoot a problem. I still tote the computer around hoping to one day be able to afford taking it to someone who can slave the drive to some other computer to


Beautiful fabric needs no reason, it is just is.

try to find that and a few other things I must have and transfer it to an external storage drive.

In the mean time, I decided to start over on it and try to recreate it. Unfortunately, other story ideas and other things and life and unpleasant things happened where I totally stopped almost all things other than two hobbies.

I have been trying to pull myself and my life back together again for over a year to varying degrees of success and failure.

Back to starting over, I remember most of the characters personalities but not all their names. I’m better with faces than names in my life and I can easily imagine the characters faces in my head but can’t pull up names at all. Other than one character.

I still am stuck with where I want the story to go after I hit a certain point. But first I better recreate my outline to that point and my character list. After a 2 – 3 year upsurge at work, things seemed to peak and are going down again. So for the first time in a good 3 years, we are starting to have slow days again. Slow times at work allow writing ideas to stew in the back of my brain. At home I get very distracted by life and worry and things in general.

I am frustrated by having to reinvent the wheel because I think my old version was better than what I’m trying to put together now. That is how I remember it anyway.

North Carolina’s Anti-Antidiscrimination Law

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This is a very well constructed argument about why the ‘bathroom bill’ is wrong.

A Philosopher's Blog

Apparently eager to do some serious damage to North Carolina’s reputation and economy, the state’s Republican controlled legislature passed “the bathroom bill” and the Republican governor signed it immediately. This law seems to have been in response to Charlotte, North Carolina passing a city ordinance extending legal protection for LGBT people and allowing transgender folks to use bathrooms based on their gender identity.

The “bathroom bill” makes it so that local governments cannot pass their own antidiscrimination laws—the state law, which is more restrictive than the Charlotte ordinance, trumps all local laws. The reason it is called the “bathroom bill” is that it has the effect of forbidding transgender people from using the bathroom that matches their gender identity. Instead, they must use the bathroom that matches the sex on their birth certificate. Interestingly enough, the law also precludes any local government from passing its own…

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The Space for Invention….

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… has just been invented . . . Spaces.

space-wallpaper-29This was an advert I saw on the side of a bus today.  It really torqued me off.  As if all space for invention was substandard before this building went up.

A space for invention has existed for a long time.  Laboratories.  Labs.  But people don’t need fancy places for the inventive process.

People have been inventing things in basements, garages, and attics.

People have been inventing in shops, sheds, and barns.

People have even been inventing in bedrooms and at kitchen tables.

The true space for in invention isn’t a place.  It is in the human mind.



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