Underground fires and replacing batteries.

Tuesday morning there was a fire underground that knocked out most of the power in the Old Market. I live above an art store in that area. It’s a nice area. But I was oblivious to the outage. I had power. An outage that closed most of the businesses in the area for one and a half days didn’t register as I was on the end of a block that was affected. I guess we are on another line. I did wonder at all the trailers I had to drive around on my way to work the next morning. Eateries fired refridgerated trailers to store food.

This lead to notes on all our door that the alarms were being tested today. The fire alarms that is. Mine was down on my bookshelf. The battery that should have been replaced this winter started beeping at me in the middle of the night. The battery itself turned out to be a store brand battery from a store that was closed aobut 5 years ago. Since they supposedly replace the batteries every year, now I wonder if they really do. Or is the building’s handyman pocketing the funds for battery replacements.

The end result is me getting up at 5:30 am to go buy a 9 volt to put in the fire alarm and climbing up on a flip top sewing table to get the detector back in place.

Nothing like getting up two hours early to take care of things the complex is supposed to have already done for the year.


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