There are tomatoes in my tomato sauce…

Last week a coworker was talking about her son being upset that there were tomatoes in his spaghetti sauce.  Most of the people at the table were amazed.  Didn’t he know that spaghetti sauce was made out of tomatoes?

To me, the sentiment was completely understandable.  After all, as a child I once said,”There are tomatoes in my tomato sauce.”  I hate tomatoes.  I don’t particularily care for katsup.  I like chili, spaghetti sauce with meat and tomato soup.  I don’t watn little bits of tomato in my tomato based foods. 

If my mom used stewed tomatoes, she would put them in a blender.  I’ve done that a few times.  But using tomato sauce is faster and easier.  When I have spaghetti I like to make it thick with meat.  I’ve been accused of making spaghetti sauce flavored chili to put on my pasta.  When I have tomato soup, I like to add basil and then I put LOTS of crackers in it.

Mostly, I try to disguise anything tomato based.  I don’t want anything identifiable as a tomato in my sauce.


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