Labor Day Reflections

Today is Labor Day.  On this three day weekend I can say I did no labor.

I planned to clean and reorganize my apartment top to bottom.

Instead I read a book, watched a couple movies, spent many hours beading a project and cooking batches of food for fridge and freezer.

Okay, I guess that would be labor, but not the labor I had planned to accomplish.

I also spent way to much time playing computer games and picking up books.  The cat will empty off bookshelves in an attempt to wake me up to feed him during the night.   The same cat that is trying to lay across my keyboard so I will pet  him and cuddle instead of type.

Of course, labor day is about labor unions and workers rights and all that jazz.  Celebrated by a day off of work.  Maybe it should be strike day instead of labor day.  Since the real point of it is to give people a day off work at the beginning of the school year now.

I say people are more concerned with a last minute vacation before the school year and finishing the back to school shopping or getting a three day weekend than what the day is really supposed to observe.

I say this because as a history lover myself, I had to go look Labor Day up.  I really had no clue what it was about.  In fact, I tend to forget about it every year until I tear August off the desk at work and discover a long weekend I didn’t realize I had.

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