In Lament of Wonder Woman

The Crunchy Urbanite wrote a blog about planning Wonder Woman’s funeral that was a good blog.  The ultimate point was that we should make sure to make our last requests for our remains and funerals ones that our loved ones can actually reasonably follow.

 It was a good blog but I couldn’t help but focus on Wonder Woman.  Some of you may have come across some of the articles a few months back (or more) that Wonder Woman is getting a makeover and a rewrite.  I won’t say reboot because to me that means a restart of a movie franchise.

 She now gets to wear pants and a jacket.  She is looking very urban and very much part of the nocturnal crowd or the underworld.  Edgy and darker.  With her new outfit, even if a friend of mine says it is too generic, you could put her down in any vampire story and she would look like she fits in.

 If I was taller and thinner, or just thinner, I would totally wear her new outfit.  But that is part of the problem with it. It no longer looks like a superhero’s uniform.  It looks like something anyone (with the figure) could wear most places.

 My biggest gripe is the change in her back story.  The writers have apparently decided that people like angst ridden anti-heroes best and they are taking her in that direction.

 The island she came from has been invaded and everyone killed.  She is the only survivor.  She goes out into the world to fight the evil that destroyed her world.  I’m paraphrasing from my memory of the articles. 

 Admittedly, the big comic book houses have changed back stories before.  But this one just irks me.  I feel like they couldn’t come up with anything so they stole Superman’s back story and gave it to Wonder Woman.

 I feel like the Wonder Woman I grew up with has died.  Admittedly, I haven’t read comics in a long time and haven’t kept up with the story line.  But now I know how my mom felt when they killed off Superman.  40, 50, 60 year olds who hadn’t read comics since they were teenagers and they all went and bought copies of it to keep in sleeves.  That was when I discovered my mom read comic books.  She never seemed the type. 

 Still, I feel like we really should be holding a funeral for the old gal (Wonder Woman, not my mother).  May she rest in peace.

3 Responses to “In Lament of Wonder Woman”

  1. First time visitor. I came here from your astronomy comment. Wonder Woman is one of my favorite superheroes and I never had really read comic books. I watch the episodes of the TV show on DVD and Lynda Carter was a good fit. I would like to see a movie (not with Megan Fox).

    I don’t like the creative license they have taken with Superman and I won’t like the Wonder Woman change either. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  2. I agree. It seems to be a current them at least since the explosion of remaking old comics, tv shows, movies, etc….to take someone else’s work and redo it the way they would have if they came up with the idea. I understand taking small liberties in order to advance the story, shorten it, or make it relatable, But, changing a character is a no no. I think people forget that what made the medium successful in the first place was the character and everything that surrounded the story. If they feel that people would not like it, holding off on it until they do would be best. OR, take risks. Hollywood needs a remake-writers who take risks.
    Wonder Woman was my first Halloween costume (that I remember) and I read the same article. Great blog, but I couldn’t help but think about the tragedy of losing her to a new idea of her. I still refer to myself as Wonder Woman when I am going up a flight of stairs with an arm-full of groceries. She was so positive and there was nothing she could not do. Girls need that Woman not the angst-ridden one.

    • I think it this may be an issue of wanting to repackage a product for a new market. But it’s a marketing strategy that it homogenizing everything. I want variety in my superheros. Please don’t make them all the same.

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