Learn something new every day.

Walking past a coworker’s cubicle I saw a print out of a cartoon woman biting her fist with an expression of worry of fear.  Now this particular style of art may or may not be Andy Warhol.  Even if it is not, anytime I see it, it makes me think of Warhol.

I don’t like Warhol’s art.  I don’t like the oversized faces of stars, sport stars, and some politicians.  The ones done similar to the period of photography where the photo would be taken in sepia tones and then a painter would add touches of color to the lips and eyes.  Only Warhol’s looked garish while that type of photo looks soft.  I don’t like the same image used in a repeating pattern with each one a different color.  I don’t like boring pictures of pantry goods.

I never understood why it was considered pop art.  I can understand why they say he captured what was at the heart of America in the 60’s and 70’s. I guess that is why it is ‘pop’ art.  But to me it does not look like art.  It looks like advertising.  I just can’t understand why he became all the rage.

On the other hand, if you read about the man, I find him an interesting person.  After walking past the tacked up print out I decided to look him up online and learn something new today.  I try to look up one thing new every day to learn something I didn’t know before.  After reading a few sites, I think on payday I’m going to go see if I can find a biography for him.  I should just check the library after work.  But this city has such a terrible library system and I haven’t seen my library card in years.  But that is another subject for another time.

2 Responses to “Learn something new every day.”

  1. Don’t likes = 4 can’t understands =2 understands =1
    I never thought Andy Worhol was any good either but he sure has bothered you enough to feel compelled to read about him.
    Sun Yat-Sen states says that to let an enemy consume your thoughts is to be owned by that enemy.
    Perhaps Andy now owns you. How does it feel being owned by a gay man?
    RELAX just kidding, but seriously Worhol’s not worth your time of day.

  2. I didn’t say he bothered me. I said I didn’t like his art and feel that it is advertising and not art. I don’t consider him an enemy. I looked him up out of curiosity and found it interesting and decided I wanted to read more. I can find a person interesting even if I do not like the product he or she produces.

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