Forward Retreat!

I would really like to go to the Nordic Needle retreat next April.  But boy is it expensive. 

The registration is 350$.  Okay, this covers conference rooms for the classes and food and probably teacher’s fights and hotel rooms. 

The class fees are reasonable enough that it makes me thing the class fees are only paying the teachers for their teaching.  It certainly is not enough to cover plane tickets/hotel bills unless the class sizes are bigger than I would expect.  I want to take the two Japanese stitching classes and the Jacobean black and goldwork class. 

Then there is my hotel bill and driving expense.  The minimum I would need is 1100$.  This does not include any shopping money. 

I figure I would have to set aside 75$ each payday until the retreat.  I’m not going to be able to do that for another payday.  And not this one I just had either.  That means I’m starting out two payday’s short.

Some friends want me to move in with them and I wanted to wait until the new landlady redoes the bathrooms.  That is one of her top goals on her long list of things to fix.  The former landlord wasn’t so good at keeping stuff in good repair.

Maybe I should do it sooner.  After all, 160$ a month savings over 5 months would be 800$ of the 1100$ I need to save up. 

I could fly home for a vacation that is twice as long for half the money.  Only trouble is that I actually want to do BOTH. 

Or I should save for 2012 and pay off some bills first.  160$ a month would wipe out a couple right quick.  But I’ve wanted to go on this retreat for several years now. 

And now that I think on it, if I timed it for going to Hawaii with my folks (there is always the sofa bed in their timeshare). I could save up for another trip to Hawaii or get the camera I’ve been wanting.

I think that I need to stop thinking about it.  I should by some ceramic jars and label them.  Camera fund, Hawaii fund, Treadmill fund, Nordic Needle fund, Liposuction fund.  Save my pennies.  See where it takes me. 


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