Farmers’ Markets vs Grocery Stores

I remember going out to the local fields (back home, not around the current city) and paying a flat price per basket.  You then got to pick your own fruits and veggies until you filled your basket or baskets. 

Then you got your farmer’s markets which did the picking for you.  But since there were no transport fees to the stores, they could undercut the store prices and you bought your fruit and veggies at a much better rate than the grocery store.

Now you go to the farmer’s market and (aside from a few veggies) you pay more than at the grocery store.  They don’t want to bother with pricing anything under a dollar.  So a bundle of green onions costs a dollar at the farmer’s market but only .80 cents at the store.  A fruit pie costs 18$ while fresh made at the bakery it costs 8$.  A jar of salsa costs 5$ but usually just under that at the store. 

Buying locally has now become something pretentious.  Everything costs more than at the store so if you do all your produce shopping at the farmer’s markets you have to have a bigger grocery budget.  Looking around at the people you see a lot of people in more expensive casual wear. 

Farmer’s markets have become the “thing to do” for the richer people.  As a result, the vendors have raised their prices.  And now it’s more affordable for me to shop the grocery store sales than to buy locally.

Somewhere, buried in this phenomenon, is a statement on where society is heading.  I’m just not sure yet how that statement reads.

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