Slow News Week

Most of what I write about comes from the randomness of everyday life.  But every day I look at the Wall Street Journal that lives on the counter at my work desk.  I try to look at it in the morning because I see how many men pick it up to take to the restroom with them.  

I also like to read various articles that Yahoo throws up on my screen.  I used to read Reuters daily until they changed the format of their website.  I hate it now so don’t bother with them.

Then I look at various other sites I find when I look things up to find more view points on what I’ve already read.

And there you have a lot of the mental activity I use to keep myself sane.  I don’t think it is all that effective as sanity maintenance since it often makes me irate.  Not the articles, but various discussion boards of the articles. 

When nice light articles that have nothing to do with politics and religion leads to 200 pages of political and religious name calling I want to commit violence on people.  Feel good articles should not cause a desire for violence.

So I blog when I want to write about my thoughts.  I can control the comments and just delete anything that has the quality of a yahoo comment. 

But this past week the Wall Street Journal hasn’t been terribly interesting.  Yahoo has been trite.  Very little has jumped out at me from the news to look up more articles to find out what people are over are saying about it.

Has it really been a slow week?  Is it really true that the only really interesting thing in the news is the discovery of two new dinosaurs related the Triceratops but with cool horns and frills?  Freshly Pressed has had more interesting articles than any of the papers or news sites this past week.


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