The Taste of Dirty Socks in the Morning

No, I wasn’t drinking.  This is not a hangover induced bad taste.

Fall is officially here.  In reality it arrived a week ago.  The rain washes the pollens and allergens out of the air.  All the allergy sufferers hold our breaths for the first really hard frost that kills almost everything from outdoors that affects us.

But the past week has been a strange one.  My allergy afflicted friends have been having it worse.  I’ve had to pull out the nasal spray again and buy cough drops again.  Several sneezing fits have interrupted me at various points every day.

Still, I have to say that I have been somewhat lucky.  No intense sinus headaches when I wake up.  I’ve been able to breath for the most part with only minimal assistance from the drug cabinet.  I’m not sneezing until my bladder fails. 

Even today it wouldn’t have been bad but for two things.  One is a runny nose that won’t stop and the other is waking up with a bad taste in the back of my throat.  It tastes like I ate dirty socks all night long.  Not that I would know what that tastes like.  It is interesting how the brain can interpret smells and tastes as things we have never actually smelled or tasted.

Three lawyers just came up to the front desk.  At least two had too much aftershave on.  Different aftershave.  Two types of aftershave that a person should not have to smell at the same time. 

Which strangely brings me to the reason I think my sinuses bothered me all last night and drained all night, leaving such a foul task in my mouth.  The bathroom light went out and I don’t have a spare at the moment.  I used the three bulbs I bought last weekend in other lights and lamps.  So I took a bath by candle light.  Seven candles to be exact.  I needed enough light to read by.   Most of them were scented candles.  Different scents.  I had to close the door to keep the cats away from the candles and I had the fan on to try to pull out some of the conflicting scents. 

With sensitive sinuses, I’m sure this was more than enough to produce the taste of dirty socks first thing in the morning.

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