The Downside of Sedentary Work.

I stepped on the scale this morning. 192.8 pounds. Wow. And here I thought I was trying to be good. Although I’ll admit that last week I drank too much soda. I’m flying home in 2 months and visiting Grandma at the same time my parents will be out visiting her.

I can safely say I don’t want to be 192.8 lbs when I do either. I tried going for a walk Saturday. I got poured on. So instead of walking to get this week’s groceries I walked to the end of the block I live on and got lunch. A very high fat, high carb lunch. Not so good.

Sunday I tried to do better and managed to eat 4 meals instead of three. Every time I try to focus on losing weight I end up feeling like I’m starving all the time. I end up eating more rather than better and less. Not so good.

So I’ve only allowed myself diet soda today. I’m going to try not to have any soda after today. Just water. I have a weight loss pill that I don’t like to take because it causes my blood pressure to spike. I think I’ll deal with it to try to get rid of 5 – 10 pounds each of these two months.

I need to focus and do my workouts. I have trouble keeping on task with them. Last time I went home was at that weight and just saw family. I didn’t want old friends to see me like this. It’s the first time I’ve ever felt badly enough about myself to let it stop me from doing things I like or want to do. I hate it.

It really needs to go now. Water. Water. Water. I need to make it my mantra when I start wanting soda or chips. Because I don’t want to approach Christmas looking like this.


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