31 Days of Halloween – Days Three and Four


I did not go to Case 39 after all.  I did watch Tomie.  Japanese horror based on a Manga.

Tomie was not as scary as I normally expect from Japanese horror.  But it did have the slightly slower pacing that you often see in Japanese films.  The start was a little weak but it got better. 

Many live action films based on Manga are very campy.  This was not campy at all.  So I was pleased.  Campy funny is good.  Campy horror is bad.


I did not get much done that was Halloween oriented.  I did bring two more Halloween items to work and I got the skeleton human and skeleton dog candle stands out and cleaned off the dresser top so I could get the dresser set up for Halloween.  I guess I did more than I thought.  I also got the black skull strobe light set up.


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