The Last Mt. Dew Campaign

The Last Mountain Dew campaign gave us three odd flavors of Mountain Dew.  One was new Dew that looked, and rather tasted like the regular Mountain Dew.  The second was an orangy colored Dew with a tropical, slightly mango-ish flavor.  The winner was the White Dew.  This was, sadly, the better of the three. 

Sadly because it really wasn’t new.  My first reaction was, “Do I really want to drink something this unfortunate looking?”  I opened the bottle.  It smelled familar.  I used to drink this.  This smells like Squirt.  Hmmm.  It tastes like Squirt as well.  Like Squirt iwth WAY too much sugar in it. 

They have replaced the blue Dew at work with white.  It tastes lie Squirt and it looks like a bottle full of semen.  I dont’ want white Dew.  I want my blue Voltage Dew back.  I really want Blackout Dew back.  But I’ll settle for Voltage.  I just don’t want to have to look at something that looks like semen all day long.

Someone, somewhere, was not thinking.

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