NaNoWriMo UPdate Or DOWNdate

A friend last night said we are to focused on directions. She is going to say “button up shirts” instead of “button down” and “crack me down” instead of “crack me up” and she plans to work sideways in there someplace.

So how did I get so far behind on my NaNoWriMo writing? I probably shouldn’t have picked up netflix after dropping cable. I feel I must watch something every day.

I’m sure the early morning fire alarm that screwed up my weekend didn’t help at all. I assumed it would be a false alarm. But when I got into the stairwell, I could smell smoke. I didn’t even notice the fourth floor stove fire that happened last year.

It turned out to have been a dumpster fire out in the alleyway. It was actually behind the building beside us, but the wind was blowing west down the alley and the person who saw it and pulled the fire alarm could only see that there was a fire somewhere below her window.

I didn’t want to nap because I didn’t want to be up all night, only my sleepy brain coudn’t really write much. Mostly mush that I made go away. I’ve got 1000 more words today and I’m on a bit of a roll. Maybe if I’m lucky I can get two days worth of words in. If I’m really lucky, perhaps even three.

I would have done more last night, but friends are moving to Seattle in a few days and we had one last dinner together. It was important enough to skip an evening.

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