Obama, Sitting Bull, and Chocolate Milkshakes

In grade school I read every book on Sitting Bull I could get my hands on. In Jr High I read every book I could find on Sitting Bull written for adult readers. I loved Sitting Bull and I truly believe he is a Hero. Especially if you take a good hard look at Custer’s history and the fact he was actually on punishment duty and was not supposed to be leading any men at all at the time.

It is ironic that Sitting Bull has been presented to school children as a great man for many years. All the sudden, because Obama has presented him as a hero to his children, people are now going to denegrate him? This is the apex of stupidity on the part of American people to suddenly decide someone is evil only because someone else they don’t like happens to value his role in history.

If Omaha likes chocolate milkshakes, are they all going to start villifying chocolate milkshakes and say that anyone who dislikes Obama must not drink them anymore?

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