Of Office Workers and Coffee Pots

The person who cleaned the upstairs coffee pots retired some time back. For reasons I do not know, the support staff for Construction Defect started cleaning them. Now they plan to do up a schedule for all the upstairs support staff to clean the coffee pots on a rotation.
I drink tea.
Mostly herbal tea.
Lots of tea.
I like hot chocolate and cocoa.
Especially, if I can find white hot chocolate or white chocolate cocoa.
(I know these are incomplete sentences but it best reflects my thought process on this issue)
I drink the Swiss White Chocolate International instant coffee.
It is the only coffee I drink. No coffee pots needed. Just my mug and the HOT water tap on the water cooler.
I did get coffee from the lunch room one day when I was showing a coworker who really wanted a mocha how she can make them herself with hot chocolate and coffee. No fancy ingredients needed.
I resent having to clean coffee pots as a non-coffee drinker. (I love the smell but the taste never lives up to the aromatic promise) I would gladly clean the coffee pots right off the counter and into the garbage can.
Would I get into to much trouble if I were to go that far?

One Response to “Of Office Workers and Coffee Pots”

  1. Hey I agree with you completely. I’m an admin and people are constantly trying to rope me into doing things, because “that’s what admins do.” I got fired from a job once because I refused to bake a birthday cake. I..don’t..cook. Period, end of story. Looking back I should have make a damn box cake and put exlax in it!

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