Language and Novels

I don’t know if any one else experiences this. When I read a lot of period novels or watch a lot of period movies/shows, certain turns of phrase start to crop up in my writing. Using ‘what’ where I should use ‘that’. That one pops into my head because I just noticed I was doing it. Use of dialect in novels can be fun. So long as the writer doesn’t go too far out of his or her way to get the exact sound of it across by using creative spelling. When that happens, it takes more away from the text than it ultimately adds. If I have to struggle too hard to figure out what a character is saying then the pleasure reading turns into too much work and I no longer enjoy it.


2 Responses to “Language and Novels”

  1. Don’t feel like the lonesome stranger. I have a tendency to do that too. And I get carried with it too. I got a strange look at work the other day when I declared “off with his head!”

  2. My accents and period dialect always sound much better in my head. When I say them out loud, I remember why I am not an actress. =>

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