40 Days of moving

I had a checklist for the weekend. I scheduled in my fun stuff as well as my packing stuff.

Yet now that it is Monday, and I look at my weekend check list, the only things checked off are the fun things.

I didn’t get much done. I did get a total of 6 boxes of books packed.

This did NOT make a dent in my book collection. Although one bookshelf IS starting to look a little bare.

So that means I’ll have to focus on it during the week. I have to be ready to move on to next weekend’s check list on Friday.

I may not have enough boxes. But at least I know a person who owns a book store. She is keeping book boxes for me. Which is perfect. The maximum sized box to pack books without becoming too heavy.

I am stronger than I look. I’m used to moving book boxes. But some people don’t realize just how heavy a box of paper can get. They use boxes a little too big and regret it.

I also was supposed to sort clothing. That was not touched. Books or clothes? What to do tonight? Clothes could be easier, but the tubs take up more room than the book boxes.

I go to help with the roommates moving on Friday. I’ll have a lot more boxes after that. It will be a good thing.

In the meantime, I’ll try to clean out my car so I can fill it with the boxes I have ready to go. That will free up some space for more box stacking later on.

I probably shouldn’t have watched seasons one and two of a cool anime show back to back all weekend. It wasn’t so bad on Saturday. I watched an episode, I packed a box. I watched an episode, I reorganized. I repeated that pattern for 6 boxes.

It was Sunday that got me. Over slept. Went for a long walk. Took a hot bath. Watched shows while eating lunch. Then alergies kicked in and I didn’t want to move the rest of the day.

I have to get a move on it. I have to stop worrying about getting to far ahead to early. The result was getting behind at the very start. I want it to be kept in balance.

6 Responses to “40 Days of moving”

  1. You know, I kept tons of books for years. Finally, after having them stored in my Dad’s barn for a decade, they were all crap. Since I hadn’t missed them, I turned a blind eye and sent them to the burn barrel. They were not recoverable. (A decade of mice and humidity and freezing weather will total a book). There’s still some there to go through, of course. But I feel better having some of it out of the way.

    Don’t keep the crap you don’t need and you won’t need to throw it away later. Personally, I’m adopting the philosophy of – if you can’t put it on a USP thumbdrive, then do you really need it?

  2. I read at about 60 – 100 pages an hour. Regular reading, not speed reading style. So I can often read a book in a day and still do other things. In order to keep from going broke buying books, I reread often. Since I don’t like reading on a computer, and I often read in a relaxing bubble bath, I still prefer the paper books. I’m going to try and weed out the books I plain didn’t like. But that is a pretty small amount.

    • Wow, you read so much that you’re forced to re-read? Sounds like you’ve got a serious reading addiction. And also, you may be spending too much time in the bathtub. (I used to do this myself when I was younger). Hmm… I’m thinking you need a solution to this issue but the only thing that comes to mind that meets these parameters is a job in a library.

      You know, I never thought I’d enjoy reading on an e-reader either, until I tried the Kindle. The e-ink looks just like a sheet of paper. But, of course, you still don’t want to use it in the bath tub. It just isn’t going to hold up to an immersion, not that a book will either, but a book won’t set you back 139 dollars. For reading in the tub, I think you’re stuck with paperbacks for the foreseeable future.

      I wonder if there’s a netflicks-like service for books you could subscribe to that would allow you to operate through the mail. That way you wouldn’t have to have the books at your house. As soon as you finish one, you send it off. Want another one, order it. Want the same one again, you can order that.

      Good luck!

      • Forced to reread? No force to it. Some books are such beloved stories that it is a joy to reread them.

        Haha, I don’t do all my reading in the bath. But I DO like to read in the bath. I did work in a public library for 2 years and then an institutional library for 8 years.

        The Kindle would be the one I would get if I ever get an eReader. But even so, the average book price is still higher than a paperback from the articles I keep seeing. I buy a lot of my books from a small bookseller that give a 10% discount from the suggested price to compete with the big box stores. And then I usually have a 40% coupon each week from one of the big stores. At this point, paper books are still more cost effective.

        Public libraries are trying to work out a way to circulate ebooks. The problem is that the electronic format does not result in the same wear and tear on the book. So they are trying to find a number of used before libraries have to repurchase the book that both libraries and sellers can agree upon.

  3. Thanks so much for visiting my ‘Careann’s Musings’ blog today via Freshly Pressed. I love meeting new people here in cyberspace. As a writer I keep my blog’s focus mostly on writing, but I post on other topics, too. Loved your comment about 1950’s recipes using Jello! 🙂

    I’ve enjoyed having a peek at your blog. The dilemma of which books to keep and which to toss is always one of mine, too. I love books too much. Once I have them I don’t like to part with them. It does complicate a move when I’ve been keeping everything for years and years! LOL.

    • I have a few more books in my donation box. I may actually have an entire box of books to donate when i get done! But it is depressing seeing the holes in my collection from the last time I moved. I miss some of those books! I left a couple boxes of books at the donation center that were never intended for donations. Now I know, never have boxes for donating and boxes for moving in the car at the same time.

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