Language and the Brain

It is interesting how the brain scans language. How it links things totally unrelated to one another.

Today I had to do something involving the name Lillian Gray. Wow. That sounded really familiar. Made me think of comics or Graphic novels.

I realized that I ended up at Jean Grey, a name every fan girl should know.

But how did I get from Lillian to Jean? It isn’t that obvious. But I like history, medival history, British history.

Then it clicked. Lady Jane Grey. It scans almost the same.

Lay (D)ee (J)ane Grey.
Lil I Ann Gray.

From Jane Grey to Jean Gray is a very short leap.

What is interesting is that my brain did this all in the instant I read the name.

I believe it comes down to the fact that the brain instinctively wants to make sense of things. It likes to relate data it receives. I think the brain likes the familiar and when confronted with the unfamiliar it plays connect the dots with any points of similarity.

Of course, this is a totally unscientific analysis based only on my own personal experiences.

“Post is unedidted because I did it on the fly and will tidy up when I get home.”


One Response to “Language and the Brain”

  1. I love linguistic puzzles like this. The brain is a magical thing, no doubt!

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