Self Motivation

About this time last year, I stopped working out.  I’ve made attempts to get started again.  I’ve made attempts to change my eating habits. I don’t eat a ton of junk.  But I eat some.  Mostly, I just eat too much.  When I weigh and measure portions, I’m always hungry.  When I make something I really love, I find myself going back to the fridge, a few hours later, and eating the portion I packed up for lunch the next day.  I really need to work out, but it started triggering coughing fits and stuff.  That is part of the reason I stopped working out.   The other was intense foot pain.

Now I’m much worse off and having trouble getting going again.  Now that is an awkward sentence.  I think I will leave it.  It seems appropriate. 

I realize that it has now been a year and I really want to make a change.  My roommate helps me to have things I shouldn’t be having and do things I shouldn’t do.  This is strange because he has lost 20 lbs in the last half year.  I think I found them. 

I know what to do.  I know how to do it.  I just need to force myself.  I need to find my own internal motivation.  It’s horrible to admit that I haven’t scheduled a vacation to go home to see my family because I don’t want to go home 20 lbs heavier than the last time I was out there. 

So I just have to do it.

Portion control.

Reduce some of the treats.

Reduce some of the carbs.

And most importantly:

Start working out again.

Because I hate it the way I am right now.

3 Responses to “Self Motivation”

  1. I hear ya there – I feel like every year around this time I’m 20 lbs heavier! It’s definitely been a while since I kinda gave up too. I’m on a mission as well to do all these things, but spelled out as having to lose 20 lbs sounds really daunting. Why not try baby steps? only “junk” on the weekends, and start walking after meals to get your heart pumping before you start really going at the workout thing. you can do this!

    • Seeing as I need to lose closer to 100 lbs, total, I rather thought the 20 lbs was a baby step. I’ll be happy to drop 10 and probably will focus on 10 lb milestones. If I can just keep on top of it for more than 3 days. That’s usually when something goes sideways and I never get back on track.

      • Even 10 lbs can seem lofty! I think it’s great that you are trying to think of ways to keep yourself motivated, but I definitely encourage you to appreciate the smaller achievements every day. A friend of mine at work lost close to 40 pounds this way – we initially started together and she would reward herself at intervals, like a new piece of jewelry once she hit 10 pounds, then every 10 after that. Baby steps! I truly think that’s the only way to make it through to the long haul – otherwise it just gets too daunting and seems impossible.

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