Some personal thoughts on the GOP and Rush and views of Women.

The problem with Rush L’s statement is that it implied that any woman using birth control is a prostitute and the extension of that idea is that ‘good girls’ don’t use birth control.

This perpetuates the medieval idea of the ‘virgin or whore’. A woman can only be one or the other. So a wife and mother who is devoted to her family automatically falls into the ‘whore’ category because she is no longer a virgin. This is a subconscious ideal that still crops up from time to time today.

It also is an attack on female independence from a biological function and therefore female independence from a patriarchal society. By implying that women who do not want to be seen as sluts and prostitutes should not use birth control, it subtly keeps them under the control of their male partners.

The fact that he then states he was saying it to be ‘funny’ or ‘amusing’ makes it worse. And as a conservative spokesman, he is showing that beneath the surface of conservative men, woman have low value in their world view.

It ties in with the conservative, female politician that recently stated that if men had been doing their job properly, women would never have needed to vote and she didn’t agree with women having the right to vote. She thought it was a bad thing done out of necessity because men weren’t doing things properly.

For such a thing to be said now, it indicates a deep thread in the GOP on how they view women that they generally try to keep buried in order to get the Independent and moderate Republican votes. I realize that I no longer think of moderate Republicans as GOP and that term stands for those much farther to the right.

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