An Evening to Myself

My roommate starts classes tonight.  He won’t be home until 10:30ish.  I find myself looking forward to it.  I can do some cleaning I have gotten behind on.  There are certain chores I can’t bring myself to do if there are people around.  Vacuuming is one. 

I believe this goes back to childhood.  My entire family helps make holiday dinners but never more than one person in the kitchen at a time.  We don’t clean or cook well together.  Someone is always trying to ‘fix’ the way someone else does things. 

My sister and I were okay to clean together.  In fact, after school on Wednesday and Friday’s, we would clean the entire house.  That way our parent’s couldn’t say no when we asked for spending money to go skating or to the movies.  This is what we did instead of getting an allowance.  It worked for us.

During college, If my folks went out of town on the weekends, I would then clean the house while they were gone.  That way I felt like I was doing my part and I wouldn’t have to listen to someone telling me I was pushing a vacuum cleaner wrong or that I ought to dust a different way.

When I had a house w/ a yard, I tried to wait for weird times to do yard work.  I hated doing it on Saturday or Sunday when everyone else was also doing it.  I hated the feeling that people were watching me and judging how I was doing.  Drove me nuts.  I’ll be happy never to have to do yard work again.  I decided renting is better than owning.  If something needs fixing, you call maintenance. 

As my roommate hasn’t gone to do a few of his other things lately, I’ve gotten behind on a few chores I normally handle.  So I’m looking forward to Tuesday and Thursday evenings now.  I’ll get the carpets and floors caught up and kept up.  And it will be nice to get my bathroom done, top to bottom. Maybe I’ll get really ambitious one day and take the stove apart to clean the trays under it and clean the oven out.  But not tonight. 

I think I’ll just ease back into it again and take care of the carpet and floors and clean cat hair from the sofa.


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