The Evils of Frozen Meatballs.

Do not try this at home.  You will not like it.   A cautionary tale.

When you approach cooking from a creative standpoint, not everything turns out.  You have the occasional disaster.  Some are edible and some are not.  Last night’s disaster is edible but not very good.

The disaster usually starts as a short cut.  I was tired when I bought the groceries and I have been tired all week since the time change.  The tiredness while getting groceries told me that trying out those frozen meatballs might be a good idea.  The tiredness while cooking led to impatience and bad decisions.

The first thing I did was open the meatballs and take a look at them.  I didn’t like the color.  To pale for fully cooked meatballs.  So I dumped them in a pot to brown.  After 15 minutes of stirring and turning only spots were browning.  Here I lost patience and put them in a microwave save bowl and zapped them for 30 seconds here and there as I did the rest of the work.

I started the mushroom gravy in the pot I was trying to brown them in.  I soon learned that if you do not make your gravy in a pot in which you properly cooked beef the gravy does not taste right.  When it was ready, I added the thawed meatballs to finish heating all the way up and made mashed potatoes.

I have nothing against using instant potatoes when I’m making very small batches of mashed.  Peeling, boiling, and mashing a single potato is to much work.  And it is convenient if you want to jazz them up while cooking them.  I like curried mashed potatoes so I got out the curry and added some to the potatoes.  In the back of my mind I suspected mushroom gravy over curried potatoes might not work out. 

I was right.  When it was all done, put together on my plate, I discovered another evil aspect of frozen meatballs.  They taste weird.  They have a mushy texture.  They have a ‘fake’ meat quality to them.

Dinner ended up a disaster of mushy meatballs, mushroom gravy that lacked richness and tasted like soup, and curry mashed potatoes that tasted really odd with mushroom taste on top.


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