Minor Ranting

I still suspect Zimmerman. Was there a struggle? Sure. Could Martin have struggled over the gun? Sure. Think about it. An adult much larger than you comes after you waving a gun and you don’t really have anywhere to go, what do you do? I think there was self-defense going on but I think Martin was the one trying to defend himself.

Zimmerman was a self-appointed neighborhood watch captain for an unregistered neighborhood watch group. Zimmerman wanted to be a cop and was rejected. Zimmerman was running around at night with a gun looking for something to happen so he made something happen. Zimmerman had caught a burglar in the past and had helped the police that way justifies his mental image of himself as someone who should have been a cop and now somehow feels justified.

And, notably, it has taken this long for Zimmerman to have a story that matches the facts enough and can work in his favor.

There had been some break ins, it was after dark but not terribly late at night, Zimmerman was ‘patrolling’ with a gun. He was ready to assume anyone wandering around alone that didn’t live there normally was suspicious and he ignored instructions not to follow Martin.

None of the ‘new’ information changes the fact that he went after someone and caused the entire chain of events to unfold the way they did because he wanted to ‘bust’ someone and reinforce the image of himself as someone who they should have allowed to become a cop.


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