Palm to Forehead, DOH!

Ever since the Game of Thrones was made into a TV show, I’ve been insisting I didn’t want to see it because I didn’t want it to ruin my image of the world it was set in. And I didn’t see how it could be done on t.v.

I’m killing some time at the book store prior to a movie and walk past a fantasy series. I stopped, took a step backwards and looked up at the top self. There was the first book of the series I THOUGHT Game of Thrones was based on. I thought it was the series name. It had a different series name. Not only that, it had a different author.

So I wander to the correct author, find a copy of book one, which is actually called Game of Thrones, and read the back of it. After the first sentence the original cover art pops into my head. Yes, I know this series. But I read it so long ago it is but a vague memory. I may still have book one someplace still.

The point is that I’ve spent the past couple years completely mixing up two very different series of books.

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