Gamer Girls Unite! (Okay, I guess we can let the boys in, even though they tried to keep us out of their clubhouses.)*

Someone, Somewhere, Somewhen has probably already blogged about this. I’m just too lazy to look it up and see what they decided to write about it.


Anyway, it might color my own writing if I do.


The Guild.


I Love This Show!  Season Five is finally on Netflix and I will have to watch it this weekend.  I may make my roommate watch seasons 1 – 4 this weekend as well.  After all, he also plays a MMORPG.  Well, until a few weeks ago.  He started taking two night courses and is taking a break from it.  Sort of.  He has something he calls an AFK build.  It only works for one area.  It is a set of skills that allows his to take his ‘toon to a certain location, kill all the mobs, and then walk away and somehow he accumulates points. 


But back to The Guild.  Felicia really captures a lot of different types of players with her show.  Of course, they are, to a certain extent, exaggerations.  But that is part of what makes it so funny.  And most gamers know people very much like them. 


Part of me wants to give a synopsis of each season and an analysis.  But then it gives too much of it away.  Mostly, I just think anyone that plays any type of MMORPG should watch it.  Very funny, even if it is based on exaggerations of stereotypes: the awkward gamer girl who substitutes the game for a real social life, the girl whom you would think would have a social life and friends but just isn’t nice enough to get along with real people without the computer as a buffer, the guy lives under his mother’s thumb, the older single guy who has so many flaws that RL people won’t put up with him, the typical high school kid, and the housewife who games instead of watching soaps and neglects her family and kids.  Okay some of these are actually two stereotypes in one person.


And that is just the Knights of Good.  (Really, what are the odds of a very small guild of players actually living in the same city and not already knowing each other.  They are either spread out in different cities or they all know each other and set up the guild for that reason.  Or at least, that is my personal experience. 


The Axis of Anarchy, their primary in-game opposition, also includes some different stereo types.  And Wil Wheaton is perfect for the part of Fawkes.  It is rather hilarious.


I can’t wait to start watching season 5 and I’ve heard season 6 has been purchased.  More gamer girl geekiness to look forward to. 


*(Then I was in 7th grade the only other people playing what I wanted to play were the 8th grade boys.  They wouldn’t let me play with them.  Bad Boys.  Bad Bad Boys. Shame on Them.)

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