I am NOT a Humorist and what I am not going to do about it and what I will do instead.

I am not a humorist.  I would like to be.  I love reading things that make me chuckle and laugh and snort soda out of my nose.   But I’m am horrible at it.  I cannot be funny when I try.  I cannot talk about things in a funny way and amuse people. 

Not to say I haven’t amused people before.  It is always on accident.  It often is a result of my affinity for words.  I love words and language but I’m also a very visual person.  As a result, I often mishear people and my brain fills in the blanks.  But I think that amuses me more than others as I usually tell people they probably don’t want to know what I really thought they said.  I do the same thing with signs.  I’ll see a portion while passing and my brain will fill in any blanks.  This amuses others because I turn and asked them, “Did that sign really say what I think it said?” 

But deliberately amusing writing falls totally flat.  What I do seem to have a small talent for is random poetry and a particular type of speculative science fiction.  Of course, that’s what I grew up reading.  I also like to write fantasy for the very simple reason that it lets me be lazy.  I make outlines like mad but never get far with the writing.  I’m my own worst critic and I will rip my work into shreds and never want to look at it again. 

So I will read these really amusing bloggers and feel horrible stabs of envy.   Rather than worry about it too much, I’ll just write what I write.  Story outlines and character development that is much more fun that writing the story itself.  Random poems that pop into my head.  Blogs about a wide range of subjects, normally my projects, what I watch, recipes I invent and what I think about random items in the news.   And whatever else pops into my head because, for some strange reason, I have the ability to retain random information that has no real use whatsoever.  

And since lunch is over, I better get back to making money, even if all I really want to do is take a hot bubble bath and have a nice long nap.  Why does lunch have to be in the middle of the work day?


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