SMFP . . . hehehe.

Sweet Mother

Who says Americans can’t speak more than one language?  I say we speak English and Internet Abbreviations.  Little did I know as a young high schooler that in my adulthood, I’d be using terms like LMFAO, or NSFW, or IMHO.  It seems like almost every week I learn a new one.  And I love this new cyber-speak.  However, I think the lexicon is a bit empty.  I mean, I know it’s missing a badly needed expression or two.  So, I’ve come up with a couple of new ones that I hope we can start circulating.  Feel free to start them as hashtags or just sayings around your darned house.  And they are…


ITGMFLAA – It stands for “The IT Guy Made Me Feel Like an A**hole Again.”


You know the scenario – your computer is down.  You call the IT guy.  He comes over and ‘re-boots’ it by…

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