WordPress Fail

A few weeks back, I wanted to upgrade my WordPress.  But I didn’t care for what was added.  It didn’t seem to make it worhwhile.  So I didn’t.  They seemed to have done something to make email notices of follow-up comments automatic.  So today I’m getting spammed with emails on new comments on any post I myself commented upon.  I’ve Unchecked the box but that did not stop the flood. 

So I tried to find a way to contect WordPress to find out what I need to do to stop this.  I found out that feature is now only available to people who upgraded their accounts.  But it said the forums were still available.  So I tried to access the forums.  It let me look at them, I wasn’t allowed permission to post my own question.

So I have NO venue in which to try and solve this problem.  I’m fairly upset about this and feeling this is a pretty big WordPress Fail.

2 Responses to “WordPress Fail”

  1. Hi
    I am upgraded and I am still having the same problem as you. Every post that I have commented upon, I am getting all the follow up comments from everyone 😦

    Why?! 😦

    I have unchecked all the boxes for mail follow ups but I am still getting them through.

    Its a shame as I feel this will deter people from commenting.

    If it ain’t broke – then don’t fix it 😦

    (fingers crossed that you don’t get 500 replies or I think my inbox will explode!! 🙂

    • I have to admit that I stopped commenting on blogs because I was already getting flooded. If I can figure out how to stop it, I’ll go back to a few of them and say what I was thinking.

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