Food Poisoning and Alcohol

I’ve gotten a bit busy and behind in writing.  Ive got a list of topic ideas and a few sentences here and there started.  In the mentime, I will leave you with this litlte story.

One day I went to a bohemian restaraunt that did a nice hot beef sandwich.  I knew people who didn’t care for their gravy.  Sometimes it had too much paprika in it.  One day I didn’t like the gravy.  So I was scrapping it off.  I got half way through and it was too terrible.  I didn’t finish it and I didn’t get a to go box.  I told them that I didn’t like the gravy that day.  This was lunch time.  By dinner time I was having uncontrollable, projectile vomiting.  It wasn’t just over seasoned, it was totally off.

A friend called and said I should meet up with them at BWW.  I said I had food poisoning and didn’t want to be around food or alcohol.  She told me that what I really needed was a shot or two and it would make me feel better.  The alcohol would kill the bacteria causing food poisoning.  So I went out, had a shot of something called Wedding Cake.  It was amazing.  In a short time I was feeling much better. 

In fact, anytime I start to get the odd stomach sensation and I suspect food poisoning, I have a shot of scotch or rum or vodka.  It works like a charm every time.  Alcohol really is the cure for food poisoning if you are reacting to it before it gets to the intestinal tract. 

So if you are at that picnic this summer and are a bit concerned about that potato salad then chase it with a beer or two, or a shot of something, or a margarita.  Alcohol IS good for something!

6 Responses to “Food Poisoning and Alcohol”

  1. Holy crap, you got to be kidding me! Swallowing a depth charge really is the cure for tummy rumbles?

  2. Sam maters on Says:

    Great : alcohol – good to know that alcohol is actually good for something. I do however have a slight concern with your article as it is contradictory. You say that you had projectile vommitting which was caused by food posining and that a drink stopped your symptoms. This means the bacteria had multiplied to an excessive amount in your intestinal system. However towards the end of the article you say: “Alcohol really is the cure for food poisoning if you are reacting to it before it gets to the intestinal tract”

    • It was still in the digestive stage before the intestinal stage. The bacteria had built up but in the stomach, NOT the intestines. I had no Diarrhea, so it never hit the digestive track.

      I know people who have had food poisoning who never threw up but spent half the night or half the day in the bathroom. That means it got through the digestive system into the intestinal system. At that point, it is too late to kill the bacteria with Alcohol. The Alcohol won’t reach it.

      While we sometimes refer to the Gastrointestinal tract as one system, it is really two related systems, the Digestive tract and the intestinal tract. Stopping the bacteria that is food poisoning works only it if is still in the Digestive tract.

  3. Yep. I ate a couple of bites of tunafish sandwich that tasted funny. Since I had already swallowed it, I drink a couple of gulps of Scott. Hopefully, I won’t die

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