Hollywood Hypocrisy

I normally have nothing to say about Hollywood types.  Only rarely will I feel the need to share my thoughts on Hollywood drama.  But a headline I saw last night really annoyed me.

Mary Kate, at age 25, is dating the 42 year old Olivier Sarkozy.  People seem to be upset by this.  The headline says she has a father-complex and that is why she is dating someone 17 years older than her.

This has me confused.  A great number of Hollywood women, models, and music types in their 20’s have married other industry types in their 50’s.  No one comments on it.  No one thinks it unusual.

But Mary Kate, who has had a few issues and troubled times, must have psychological issues about her father if she is dating someone in his 40’s.  This logic fails me.

Here is a link to a photo gallery of over 40 ‘May-December Romances’ from NYDailyNews.  Some seem to be just dates (Alec Baldwin) and may not be an actual relationship.  Many are longer relationships and marriages (Prince Albert of Monaco and Charlene Whittstock).  Some you get the idea what they are really about [Doug Hutchison and Courtney Stodden (does she really look like a country star???)

No one is crying “Daddy Issues” at them.


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