Sometimes WordPress Makes Me Go ARG!!!!!!! Facebook Too!

I cannot figure out why WordPress randomly stops sharing on my Facebook Page.  I’ve searched for an answer and none can be found.  And WordPress make it harder to get help now.

I wouldn’t mind making a facebook page for my blog but I don’t think it meets the requirements for creating a page.  Not unless I stretch the definition of a business or a brand.  That might be more than stretching.  It might be breaking the definations.

Lightning, Thunder, and Rain OH MY.  The storm is starting.  How fun! Maybe it will cheer me up.  On the other hand, maybe it will make me jump out of my skin.  That thunder sounded like fireworks going off right outside the window.  I thought it was supposed to boom rather than pop and snap?

One Response to “Sometimes WordPress Makes Me Go ARG!!!!!!! Facebook Too!”

  1. Facebook drives me crazy too! You can start a page. I have one for my blog. I do book reviews and author interviews. People have facebook pages for all sorts of things. =)

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