Lucky Seven?

ACK!  I was trying to copy the instructions and got a little more than I anticipated.  So I wiped that out.  SORRY, not meaning to copy other peoples words!  Anyway, this is either a new award thingy or it is a new ‘game’ thingy.  It’s the Lucky Seven meme.  So this is what you do:

  • Go to page 7 or 77 in your current manuscript (fiction or non-fiction)
  • Go to line 7
  • Post the next 7 lines or sentences on your blog as they are (no cheating, please!)
  • Tag 7 other authors to do the same

I was tagged in this and I probably need to explain why mine looks a little strange.  I work from increasingly detailed outlines.  I get my idea and write it out in a paragraphy or two or three.  Then I start an outline of major points.  I then go and add connecting points, then I go thought adding more detail.  Then I do it again.  And again, until it is ready to be written out in prose form.  Everyone has different methods that work best for them.  This is mine.  So long as it is fiction.  For non-fiction, I find good old fashioned note cards work best for me.

VII.   Alliance

A.  Were mission stumbles across Holly taking down a ‘reformer’.

1.    Holly tracks a councel man

a.  Chases him into a back alley.

b.  Her hunting mode brings out catlike behaviors.

c. As a power vamp separated from his muscle, he has no chance against the hunting skills she has been honing.

d.   After toying w/ him a bit, she goes in for the kill.

I actually have a fairly detailed, 12 page outline for the entire book. And two concept bocks for two follow up books.   But then I realized I don’t actually buy into the main social structure and now I have to rework the ENTIRE thing.  As a result, I have set it aside and toyed with several other story ideas, but at this time, this one is the most advanced one to which I currently have accessas as I’m out and about dogsitting for people out of town.

I know I’m supposed to tag people, but I’m skipping that today.  I would end up tagging some people already tagged recently and few of the novelists I read have gotten so deep into their projects they have developed a drastic slowdown in their otherwise normally prolific blogging.  As a result, I’m not sure I want to slow them down.

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