Doctor Who and River Song

I fully admit that I am behind on Doctor Who since I got rid of cable and I’m just catching up on Netflix.  People all caught up will know if this idea is true or not.  I’ve tried to keep from peeking ahead.

I’m having issues with the fact that he and River keep running into each other in the wrong direction. If at each meeting, the Doctor is younger than he was the last time they met, she would have to keep reintroducing herself.  But these past few episodes I’ve seen w/ River seem to be in a forward moving linear fastion from the point of view of all the characters.

In addition, the Tardis is having trouble determining if Amy is pregnant or not.  And I’ve seen the episode w/ the Silence (althought I fail to understand that name for them) where there is the little girl and pictures of Amy.  As well as the little girl regenerating at the start of another episode.

As I was sleeping last night, my mind put it all together.  River seems to be like a Time Lord but not one.  We know that the gold glowy stuff can merge with a human from the whole Doctor Dona thing.  So I’m thinking that the Tardis is having trouble determing if Amy is pregnant is actually because it is looking for a human but is finding something that may be far more than that.  I suspect that River Song is actually Amy’s daughter.

I’m still having trouble with the two timelines going in different directions and the way it is being filmed isn’t fitting in with that so well.  I would probably be interested in reading it in a book form from the linear point of view of River Song.  Of course, if she is meeting him at differeing ages as a child, and then she later meets the older version, which whom she travels and seems to marry, yet at some point kills, and then as she gets older, she keeps meeting younger and younger versions who remember less and less of her, …..

Well, it makes my brain hurt slightly.  It’s some strange, Benjamin Buttons style,  tale.


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