When Doctor Who meets The Big Bang Theory and collides with The Guild.

Last night I had a dream in which I was taking college courses again, mostly lit classes.  The characters from Big Bang Theory were also taking lit classes and I had a few classes with a few of them. 


I’m in one class and I’ve been sick and I missed a week.  So I ask Howard what time and day the British Lit class was.  For some reason, being out sick for a week made me forget my entire schedule; I was only at that class because my roommate also had that class. 


My roommate decided she has the perfect girl for Howard and I tell her that might not work out so well.  The girl is interested in someone else and he is seeing someone who likes to hurt him when she gets mad.  (Think Zaboo and Riley, who lives next to Codex after the first season).


At this point my roommate, who never had a name in my dream, suddenly asks the obvious question.  “Why are a bunch of geniuses with PhD’s in maths and sciences taking a bunch of undergrad lit courses?”


“I don’t know, probably because they are being taught by Tom Baker.”  And then I wake up.


Tom Baker, of course, is famous for being the longest running Doctor (the Fourth) in the entire Doctor Who franchise.

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