Not an Undergarment! It is outerware!

Because I’m short torso’ed and narrow shouldered, as well as large chested (even when I was skinny I was full chested), shirts are always to long in the scoop, square, or vee and too wide across the collar opening.  Even when I was 98 lbs I was far to big in front to wear the narrow shirts that some of the tiny women here are able to wear. I had to go up a size and had the problem with the deeper fronts and wider openings.   

The only way to fix this it to completely take apart and rebuild every shirt I buy.  That is beyond my sewing skills and clerical staff is not paid enough to have to take every item of clothing purchased to a seamstress. 

To provide extra coverage, many people layer tank tops and shells.  But I have the same problem with tank tops and shells.   They also do nothing to help keep my bra straps in place.  To provide extra coverage to hide my bra straps and chest, in the event of tops shifting, or to provide a bit more coverage across the décolletage, I wear workout tops that join to the back closer to the center of the back rather than coming straight over the shoulder.  They also come up higher across the chest than tanks do.  These tops provide significantly more coverage area than the bra cups and are therefore far more suitable. 

Since I’ve seen plenty of other people layer things for extra coverage under their tops, I don’t see why I’m told I cannot.  Especially since I see so many of them who are wearing tanks or spaghetti straps under sweaters and the bra straps, and sometimes even the bra cups, are often showing.   Especially since I’m layering with things to prevent that problem.

If I’m not allowed to layer things, I suppose the one sure way to avoid my bra straps from showing would be to wear no bra at all.

More athletic tops.

One Response to “Not an Undergarment! It is outerware!”

  1. I dig the athletic tops for wearing them to work out, they help me stay cooler and seem to be pretty supportive. I’ve always been big in the chest too, and it’s hard to keep my ‘girls’ in line when I’m working out and I have to tape them together or something to keep them from moving all over the place!

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