Do you torture Sims after having a bad day?

I was in a somewhat cranky mood Monday and decided to build a Death House in Sims. But, by the time I got home to work on it, I thought it might be funnier to put a bunch of romance Sims in it and make them all attracted to the same things. So they all ended up having to also meet those requirements.

Everyone has black hair, make-up, and jewelry. They all find fat or stinky Sims unattractive.

To make things clear, this is Sims 2. I don’t like how Sims age when you switch houses in Sims 3. I spend time purposely cultivating Sims to pair up and then something unexpected happens when you return to one in another house.

So, 8 Sims moved into an unfurnished home and turned it into a very nice place: 1 Money Sim, 5 Romance Sims, and 2 Party Sims. I needn’t have bothered with the money Sim. They all wanted jobs anyway.

Their jobs have ended up rather spread out and they have no problems finding a place to sleep despite only 3 beds with the potential to sleep 5 people. Someone occasionally naps on the only loveseat. But no one ever ends up really sleep deprived.

With 8 people and only two showers and two toilets, you might think this would be a problem. So far, no one has been unable to get to a toilet when they needed one.

The dinning room only sits 4 but people manage to find seats among the chess stations.

So long as someone starts the smussle, no party ever fails. I guess it is because of all those happy, flirty Sims and all those fun, party Sims.

Despite wildly different personality types, everyone is getting along great! In fact, some people have fallen in love with more than one other person. You would think this would start some fights, but so far, none. It is really too bad they don’t initiate sex on their own. Maybe there is a better free will setting and I just haven’t found it yet.

I may have to build that Death House after all.

No floors.
Few lights.
Unfinished walls.
Holes in the roof.
Maybe even a small pool in the middle, w/ a diving board, but no ladder out.
No fire alarms.
One bathroom.
One or Two beds.
Little furniture.
Lots of food.
But no door.

They won’t need a house alarm. They can’t get robbed without a door.

I may even take it one step farther and make them all hate the same thing but make them all the thing they hate.

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