Photos In Motion

We went on an outing today and I was feeling a little silly.  I held up my camera and took photos while zooming along the interstate.  I just randomly clicked on the shutter.  These were the keepers. They aren’t perfect but it isn’t a fancy camera and I was traveling at 70 miles an hour shooting them through glass.

This one is my favorite.

3 Responses to “Photos In Motion”

  1. that first one looks great too! love how the reflection is part of the photo

    • Thanks. It was fun. I used to do this with my old ‘film’ camera. It was actually easier to get photo perfect pictures with the film camera than with the digital cameras I’ve had these past 5 or 10 years. Sometimes, the accidental or goofing off shots are better then the ones you were trying to get. Its kinda like life that way.

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