Mystery Cat

I turned off the computer for the night for a change. 15 minutes later I had something to type. This is why I don’t usually turn it off.
While getting ready for bed, I sat down on the couch. I saw something out of the corner of my eye. There was a cat on the balcony. Wait a minute. I never went out there this evening. Both cats are inside. That cat is too small. Who is that cat? And how did he get up here? He had to climb the support beams.

I got a towel, in case he scratched at me, and opened the door to pick him up.  He was a ginger tabby.  Although I didn’t check gender, I’m using he for convenience.   He started purring and cuddling. He was clearly well socialized.  He was a good weight.   He was also not full-grown but not a kitten.

Not sure what to do, with no way to know if he belonged in this building, and not wanting to knock on doors at nearly midnight, I carried him downstairs and put him outside. He had to be from close by, as good condition he was in.  And my two would go nuts with him in the apartment. And my roommate is serious about the strict animal rules here.
I hope he goes back to his proper porch. I’m worried I’ll get back up and see him on my porch again.

I feel bad about putting him outside, but I didn’t know what else to do at 11:45 at night.

2 Responses to “Mystery Cat”

  1. That was probably the right thing to do. But since you were nice to him, he may be back. You know how cats are. They make the rounds. I had a friend who used to feed a stray. Later he discovered a few neighbors who were also feeding him. And later he found out who actually owned the cat. He wasn’t really hungry, he was just smart. Cats are like that.

    • He was back this morning. My roommate put him out again. If he is back when I get home from work, I’ll call the apt office and see if they can find out who is missing a cat about 6 – 8 months old. If he keeps climbing up three stories to get to my balcony, I may have to get a shelter to pick him up and I would rather make an attempt to find the owner. If the kids in the complex are out playing at the playground, I may ask them if anyone is missing a cat. Or get them to do the leg work.

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