From Time to Time

This is a very charming, British, period piece that brought tears to my eyes at the end.

Set near the end of WWII, young Tolly goes to stay with his grandmother at the ancestral home.  His father is missing and presumed dead.  He refuse to believe it because his father’s name hasn’t been listed yet as dead.

While there, he learns that there is no money left and his grandmother may have to sell the place.  He starts to see ghosts from a pivotal time in the house’s past.  And the ghosts see him in their time too.  At least some do.  His grandmother seems to have the same ability.

Strictly speaking, it was two period pieces as it fluctuated between 1945 and 1805.

Tolly becomes obsessed with a family mystery which he eventually solves.  But the key thing is that it slowly leads to the realization that the ghosts he was interacting with were children.  The message of the obvious plot, below the mystery, is learning to deal with death.

The key line to the movie is, “Death isn’t the important thing. . . . That you were loved is.”

They formula used to predict how much I would like it was off. It expected me to give this film 4 stars of 5.  I loved it.  It got 5 stars.  And how could one not love it?  Maggie Smith plays the grandmother and she is just such a magnificent actress.  In fact, every one put in an outstanding performance.  If anyone was a little weak, it was the young man playing Tolly.

So, for those people who thought I only like action films, which is soooooo untrue, go watch this one.  It’s great.

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