Evening Chores

My apartment resembles this.

I’ve picked up olive oil and sweetener from the store and had dinner and fed the cats.

The litter box needs to be cleaned before I can take a hot bath.

I need to get the Holiday tubs out of the storage closet.

I need to find the book I was have through last night.

I need to cook up the pork chops and millet for lunched over the next three days.

I have a Halloween ornament to work on and some shows to watch and some articles to read.

I need to try to get the two blogs, one on a particular show and one on an article written.

And I wanted to go to bed early.

What does your Tuesday evening look like?

2 Responses to “Evening Chores”

  1. Had a couple beers. Cooked dinner. Watched news until wife took remote. Watched House Hunters with her and ate a bowl of peanuts. Helped kids with math homework. Realized I forgot the rules for exponents. Fell asleep on the couch. Dog woke me up at 1AM. Wife forgot to let her out for her evening poo. Dog barked at something in the woods. Hauled her inside. Lay in bed for an hour day-dreaming about what I’d do if I suddenly developed telekinesis. Fell asleep around 3AM. Woke at 4AM. Showered and came to work.

    Shouldn’t have eaten the peanuts. Ugh.

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