And The Violence Grows.

To me, a person who has only been watching election cycles since 1980 when Regan beat Carter, I think the rage seems to be getting worse.  In the past, once people got over the election an moved on, there was more cooperation.  There were always partisan issues, but more cooperation.

This last election was the first time I saw one party completely refused to do anything that might aid the winning party.  It was the first time I saw Republicans actually go as far as reversing their stances on issue if that stance had been the same as or similar to the stance the Oval Office was taking.

The election prior to that one, where Bush was re-elected, which was bitter and brutal and down right cruel, saw some degree of common ground after everything was over and done with.  But the anti-incumbent rhetoric was growing more virulent even then.

It didn’t help that during previous primaries, (before the Obama/McCain campaign) the GOP moderates started to swing into the camps of the Extreme Right as it became more and more obvious that they would be running against either a woman or a black man.

Now a person who is a Republican cannot be a moderate at all.  The entire party, over the past 5 years, has swung farther and farther right.  But that started earlier.  I can’t pin point when, all I know is that about 8 years ago I realized the Republican party was no longer valid to me.  They were out of date and instead of adapting, they were trying to drag the country back to the 1950’s.  So I left the part and became an Independent with a weird blend of liberal and libertarian leanings.  I have found that the harder the GOP tries to drag us back to the 1950’s, the more liberal I become.

The public itself is getting more and more extreme and pulling farther and farther apart.  Maybe for the same reasons I’ve started becoming more liberal.   I expect this to continue and to see more and more violence perpetrated against people who have opposing opinions.  The people with the most rage are moving farther right and left than most of the rest of us at a much faster rate.  This four-year term has seen far more politically motivated violence between liberals and conservatives than any span I can remember. It feels like the country is starting to crack up.

I do not think this is a good thing but do not really see a way out of it.


2 Responses to “And The Violence Grows.”

  1. I believe it will work itself out eventually. Maybe that’s naïve, but I can’t see the Republicans remaining extremist, particularly if they lose this election. The demographics that vote Democrat are all increasing. The demographics that vote Republican are all shrinking. It is my hope that the Republicans will eventually come to the conclusion that they must become more moderate. Then the pendulum may swing, and it may be the Democrats that become too liberal.

    Both sides can’t seem to be moderate at the same time.

    I think if the Democrats win this time, it will be good for the Republicans. It will force them to reconsider some of their stances. But for our government to function after this election, the Democrats need to re-take Congress, or the Republicans need to start compromising. That’s my biggest worry – that neither of those will occur.

    • I think the Republican party may be in it’s death thows. There were different dominant parties in the past. Once, we had a dominate Tory party. And at another time, the Democratic party was what the Republican party is now. If the Republicans win, they may feel they have been vindicated. But ultimately, I think that as more and more of the older republicans pass away, and the younger Republicans already have some divergent views, we may see the party itself lose it’s place and, most likely, be replaced by the Independants.

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