I grew up on PBS and it has great value. I learned about Shakespeare while still in gradeshool. I was exposed to a lot of culture, a lot of history, a lot of general information. It gave me a broader education than school did. The result was that I spent a great deal of time in Jr. High and High School researching the things that really interested me at the library. This is worth reblogging everywhere.

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After Romney’s remarks about eliminating federal support for PBS (despite liking Big Bird), the Obama campaign responded with an attack ad cashing in on America’s love of the giant yellow fellow.

Given that the Obama campaign has made this into a political issue, it is tempting to regard this matter as being mere politics without any substance behind it. However, I will endeavor to show why Big Bird matters. Or, to be more specific, why the issues raised by Romney are actually important.

Romney does present a reasonable general principle and one that I agree with: before we spend public money (perhaps by borrowing more from China) we should consider whether the spending is worthwhile or not. I try to follow a personal version of this principle when it comes to my own spending and it has served me well. As such, my dispute with Romney is not over this…

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