Halloween Costumes, which to pick?

I have three ideas.

The Raven.

This would require the most costume construction, making a feathered cloak, finding a wig, feathered best, black tinsel second best, black hair third.  Then a mask.  I was thinking one of the fancy Italian Renaissance looking ones with a long nose or one without and constructing a beak-like attachment for it.

Me in cyber-locks a few years ago.

The Masque of the Red Death.

This would be easier, making a red cloak with simpler ornamentations, and then red face makeup, red opera gloves, I have red and black cyber-locks I can wear, and maybe a pretty black domino mask.

A Death Maiden.

Simple black cloak, black skirt and top with black opera gloves.  Black or white wig.  And elaborate face paining like the Day of the Dead masks.

I’m not sure which route to go.

4 Responses to “Halloween Costumes, which to pick?”

  1. These all sound great, but I LOVE the Masque of the Red Death idea.

    • urbannight Says:

      I’m starting to lean towards that one myself. I’ve not really heard of it being done before and it may be the quickest option to do up properly in only half a month.

  2. Hey, you’re waaaaay ahead of me. All I’ve got so far is “Circus Afro” from Madagascar part I Can’t Remember, and Slutty Tardis.

    • urbannight Says:

      Slutty Tardis. I vote for Tardis anything. What about The Doctor’s Wife from when the Tardis gets put in a body and can finally talk?

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