October 13th. 

My cousin who is closest in age to me and read the same types of books as I did was in a Motorcycle accident.  Where I don’t know.  Accident details I don’t know.  His Facebook says he lives in Georgia.  I didn’t know he moved there.  Last I know he was in Minnesota.  No wonder the Christmas Cards bounced back to me.  I stopped sending Christmas cards a couple of years ago, to many bounced back the last few years before that.

I believe this is my cousin’s motorcycle, as it is his profile pick on Facebook. It’s the only person where enough details seem to match.

October 14th. 

Aunt and Uncle find out and leave to drive down there.  Aunt notifies my mother and says she will take her computer and send my mom an update.

October 15th. 

Aunt and Uncle are on the road.  Uncle talks to my dad and says that the doctors are putting my cousin in a drug-induced coma.  The are supposed to arrive in the afternoon of the 16th. 

October 16th, late evening

Aunt and Uncle should have arrived by now.  My parents have not heard anything.  My mom decides to let me know what was going on.  So that is the first I heard of it.

Growing up half a continent away from the rest of the family is a challenge.  It is hard to stay connected.  Even in a world of near constant connectivity.  It’s because we grew up so far apart that we didn’t develop the ties that would have led to being closely connected now that we are grown.  But I still care and am concerned.  This is the cousin with whom I seemed to have the most in common.  I always thought that if we had grown up closer together, we would have been closer ourselves.  When my friends discuss cousins, this is the cousin I would always think about.

So I hope I will hear something soon. 


4 Responses to “Concerned”

  1. I take it you don’t have a phone number, and he’s not answering email. Sucks not to know. Hope you hear something soon.

    • Oh no, last thing we heard was that he was put into a medical coma because he was getting worse. Mom and Dad have email and phone info for my aunto and uncle but they are just waiting for news themselves and not pestering them with calls and emails.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear this. I know waiting around for news can be really difficult, so I hope you hear something (good news, hopefully) soon.

    • Only one update so far. They had to have a second emergency surgery to relieve another spike in brain pressure due to swelling. But the next day he didn’t have any more spikes, and he moved all his limbs, so they were going to see if they could bring him out of the coma the following day. That was the last I heard.

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