Revengers. Styka. Raw Data

Create Your Own Super Hero  didn’t have enough options, so I worked w/ what was offered.  And I can’t seem to leave any info on Storiesbywilliams page today. 


Anytime this discussion came up, I’ve always wanted Flying, Invisibility, and Telepathy. I’ve never got to pick three before! I’m not sure of a name. But the back story for the character was always something revenge-based. Attacked, left for dead, waking up with abilities, using the abilities to try to find her attackers and saving other people from the same fate while on that mission.

Styka was browsing in a fine jewelry store when a robbery went down. And it was a robbery that went wrong. Half of the crew was blown up. So was the store. Taken as a hostage by the part of the crew that managed to escape, they took our their anger and frustration on her. Left for dead, she was found by some kids and taken to the hospital. When she finally woke up, she realized she could read minds and make herself unobserved. Not truly invisible so much as people simply didn’t notice her if she didn’t want them too. She could also levitate and fly about. But that wasn’t terribly practical. Bugs in your teeth and eyes are not fun. Something all those comics she grew up on seemed to leave out.

In her search for the people who nearly killed her, Styka discovered that one of the city’s crime bosses had been responsible for the robbery. His orders were to kill the hostages but the robbers were as incompetent at that as they were at following the plan he had ordered. Her vendetta against her attackers became a vendetta against his as well.

Styka wears jeans, boots, tanks and tee’s and a leather jacket. Blending in is the goal. A little bit goth, a little bit punk, it’s nothing new on the streets anymore.

Not being seen when she doesn’t wish it is easy when needed. Since she usually works by going after people just when they are about to do something bad, she doesn’t want to stand out. In the past, she wasn’t always as careful and sometimes she has had to deal with a body or two. So she doesn’t want to be remembered when the bodies are found. But she doesn’t feel too guilty because these were bad people. Mostly, she tries to get to the people who she can point in a new direction before they become really bad.

But she doesn’t forget that if she finds the people she really wants alone in a dark alley one day, she wants to kill them. She walk a thin line between fighting evil and becoming the same as the people she hunts.

“If you think it, you own it.” Not every one does the things they think and day-dream about. But deep down, they want to. People have to realize that those dark thoughts are part of them and if they keep thinking of some things, they need to deal with the root issues before they actually act on those thoughts. The line between a thought turning into an action is one bad day and people need to own up to their own internal monologues and fantasies.

4 Responses to “Revengers. Styka. Raw Data”

  1. I’ve always wanted to be telekinetic. And, hey, telepathy wouldn’t be so bad either!

  2. Got it, saved it, and uploaded it! Your profile is now updated.

    • There are a handful of people I see how seem to be be on all hours. I start to wonder, do any of us ever sleep? That should have been a super power. No need for sleep.

  3. I’m in. I’ll be “Insomnia Man,” imbued with the power of paranoid psychosis, I can manipulate my own version of reality at will with enforced self-hallucinations. Of course, no one else can see it, but that doesn’t matter. It’s real to me, and that’s what counts.

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