SWTOR Rebublic Side

The Smuggler Class is my favorite class. Lindrossa is a Smuggler Gunslinger. She is lvl 50 now. Voss is a nice planet. I’m just cleaning out the bonus quests 2 line. I got a real kick out of the idea that I could make an Orion Slave Girl in the Star Wars universe. I know that isn’t the race name, but hats sure what they look like to me. Too much Trek as a kid????

Kiya’amun’s race should be obvious to any fan of the movies. She is a lvl 26 Jedi Sentinel. I really don’t get the hang of these up close and personal fighters. I keep targeting the next enemy and expecting her to run over to it. That isn’t happening. But I’m loving the shooters. She is on Tatooine right now. I rather hate that planet.

Zotletta is of a strange race that has no eyes and sees with the force. This is not the strange part. The fact they seem to have eye sockets in their skulls is what is strange. She is a level 19 Jedi Shadow, which is a consular for those who don’t know. She is on Taris which wouldn’t be so bad if it were not for the ugly monsters that used to be humans.

Dorella is a Trooper. A Vanguard. She is level 12 and on Coruscant. I ran too many through Coruscant too close together and got really sick of the planet. She is kind of fun and her first companion is of a cat race that reminds me of some books I read back in Jr High and High School. Only instead of having a nice long mane of hair he has shaved himself in an all over crew cut.

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