Chaos Never Dies

Today is November 9th.  It is Chaos Never Dies Day. 

It sounds like the title of 1980’s Bond movie if you ask me.

Of course, you didn’t.  That won’t stop me from talking. Or writing, as the case may be.

Disorder, Disruption,  it is . . . Everywhere!!!!

shhhhhh!  Be silent.  Be very very small.  Maybe, just maybe, it won’t see you. . . .

Opps, you weren’t quiet enough.  Or quick enough. It got you. 

That project your supervisor’s boss just tossed on your desk, because your supervisor is out, and you have never been trained on that task but it is due by the end of day. . . that is chaos.

The trainee keeps taking her questions on a certain type of project to a senior team member that can’t do that type of project to save her life . . . that is chaos.

You get a text from the supervisor and your phone doesn’t have enough juice to open it.  You also realize your phone is out of days and you have to add more NOW.  But the website revamped an now you can’t find the page to add time or minutes anywhere . . . that is chaos.

Your back and neck and shoulder is in extreme pain and you really need a massage, but you can’t find a reputable place that takes walk-ins . . . that is chaos.

In the past 2 hours, I had about double that in chaos.  This day is one for blankies, hot chocolate, and books to hide away from the world.  It isn’t even lunch yet.


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