Hunger and Diabetes

I had my followup Monday.

My A1C jumped up to 7.8 and the doctor thought checking my sugar levels once a day would help. That day was good but every day since has been bad. This morning was good though. The nurse said it is still pre-diabetes but their mission focus is shifting to more preventative medicine so they are treating it more aggressively as they would if it was full-on diabetes.

I didn’t really start until today (I was reading the folder of stuff and looking up other things even thought I’ve done a fair amount of research online already) , but I’m trying to stay to a 1500 cal and burn 250. I’ve had my 270 calorie b-fast w/ a 100 calorie sugar-free vanilla coco. All I can think about is how hungry I am and how long it is until 12:00 when I can have my lunch. If I don’t get that 250 cal activity in, I can only have 1250 calories. I’m so hungry I have to get it in. That way I can have a snack because I really need to have a little more. Or learn to get used to feeling this dang hungry all the time. I hate it.

And let me tell you, sticking my finger and seeing those really high glucose levels it really helping me focus on trying NOT to snack and over eat. What I eat isn’t the problem. It is eating too much that seems to be the issue.

It is the constant hunger that gets to me.  There doesn’t seem to be much that can be done about that.  Will power is all well and good, but there isn’t a whole lot when you feel so hungry that every waking thought it about food.

5 Responses to “Hunger and Diabetes”

  1. Fat, hungry, or dead. Those are the only options. Yes, when I found out I had diabetes, that became my new motto. I should have it burned on my weight belt.

  2. Hmm, by that logic, I should design a sampler and stitch it to hang on the wall. Acually, that isn’t a bad idea.

  3. Stitchersflock Says:

    Hang in there, I’m sure it will never be more than you can handle. Try drinking copious amounts of water, I can never seem to eat when I drink a lot of water.

    • I always drink lots of water. Started doing that years ago after a kidney stone. If I had soda, I would always drink an equal portion of water to try to help flush the soda out. Oh, and cut back on the sodas. I used to drink way to much pop,

  4. FYI, we got a Revenger Mission in progress! Come on by if you want to play your heroine 🙂

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